How To Tie Shoes – Best Way To Teach a Child To Tie Shoes

How To Tie Shoes – Best Way To Teach a Child To Tie Shoes

No one wants to get their laces in a twist.

And here are some awesome videos to help you teach a child or ESL student to tie shoes.

It is also a great activity for students to recite the shoe tying instructions back to you as you follow their commands:

How To Tie a Shoe Step by Step

So let's begin with a nice and easy step by step video from Jennifer Hughes. She made this video after teaching her son in the second grade how to tie his shoes with this method:


Tying Shoelaces the Normal Way and With No Bow

This video will give you two ways to tie laces. This will add variety to the ‘How To Tie Shoes' class activity…as well as the reinforce the child's shoelace dominance:

Now it's time to go for advanced move…

3 Creative Ways To Tie Shoe Laces

This video will not only put a student or child to the test…but you too! This is not really recommended for an ESL instruction exercise as it is a bit complicated…however, it is very cool:

And finally, here is a great video to cap it all off…

How To Tie a Shoe Lace in One Second

One second?! This is shoe tying method is basically sleight of hand magic. A great thing to show the child to get them excited about learning to tie shoe laces:

Have you mastered it yet? I think I'll stick to flip flops.

And those are some of the best ways to teach a student or child to tie shoes. Great for ESL classroom activities, as well as online ESL…or simply for your son or daughter.

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How To Tie Shoes

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