How Vital is TEFL Certification for Getting Hired to Teach Online?

How Vital is TEFL Certification for Getting Hired to Teach Online?

Here is a question from a member of the DigiNo Community, followed by the video answer:

Hi Jason.

Firstly, thanks for all your great videos and advice. Have done loads of research and think DaDa will suit me best. Will be using your CV check and referral shortly. Have to fix an antennae up first to ensure my internet strength. My question is…how vital is the TEFL certificate…reading conflicting advice?

I have a Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Primary Education, 20 years of experience as a tutor for maths and English (last 2 years online, using zoom),

I have home educated my own 3 boys throughout (almost all grown), run many workshops and organised trips etc for local home ed communities.

While home educating I ran 3 small businesses including the tuition for children from age 5 to 16, running movement and movement classes for preschoolers, as well as teaching dance to children and adults.

We moved to Spain 3 years ago and I have plenty of experience around non English speakers through this and volunteering with the refugee crisis around Europe, as well as learning a second language myself (Spanish.) I teach English as a volunteer at our local adult education centre in Spain so am aware of issues such as reducing incidental language etc, but do not have any kind of TEFL certification. Will this be a problem? Is it worth applying without?

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