How Human-Focused AI is Changing Online English Teacher Recruitment

How Human-Focused AI is Changing Online English Teacher Recruitment

Hi, I’m Adam from Applichat. I’m here to announce an exciting new partnership with DigiNo. Jason and I spent a while to get it working, and we’re really excited to power your job search with artificial intelligence!

Human-Focused AI Chatbot

Can you recall the last time you search for a job teaching English online? Maybe you are searching right now.

I looked for a job in December. It didn’t go well. Out of foolishness I applied to a company only accepting Americans, (I’m British); I also failed an interview because I was not lively enough for the company.

So for two months I have been talking to other teachers about all the problems they face in finding an online job teaching English.

The most common issues are:

  • Deciding which company is right for them.
  • Finding out unbiased advice and correct requirements and rules of each company – many of whom have only a handful of web pages in English.

So How Does Work? And How Does it Solve These Issues?

Applichat is a chatbot. This means it can automatically recognise and process information in a similar way to humans.

When you click the Facebook Messenger  logo on the site, a conversation will be initiated. In this chat Applichat will take your qualifications and background, then, using DigiNo’s encyclopedia of articles, it will direct you to companies hiring people with your profile.

This really benefits the DigiNo Community for several reasons:

Firstly, you guys can navigate the site quicker through Applichat’s directions to company profiles of interest. If you come to DigiNo seeking a job, Applichat is the roadmap to guide you.

Secondly, it will save Jason some time in responding to common queries about where to apply. This means more great content from him, such as the article below:

101 Things I Wish I'd Known About Teaching Online

DigiNo users’ interactions with Applichat help me improve the chatbot. It is a tool which is being constantly refined: by using Applichat today, you help a DigiNo visitor to find a job quicker tomorrow.

But don't worry, the classic DigiNo method is still active too. You can also begin your job search by clicking the button below:


Why Our Partnership is Important

In the online English teaching sector, a collaboration between platforms both involved in referring teachers is rare. But the thing about DigiNo and Applichat is that we share one great mission: empowering English teachers. We’ve both found a way to help visitors to, and it’s mutually beneficial.

I’d like to encourage more of this. I’m using Applichat to encourage a quiet revolution amongst people who teach English online.

I think we can make efforts to become more entrepreneurial, collaborate and better our position in this industry; online English teaching is set to reach $8b valuation this year! (More on that at the end of the article!)

With new companies arising from China every day, there is so much opportunity for teacher-experts to meet the growing demand for advice and knowledge.

Keep an eye out for future collaborations between DigiNo and Applichat for the benefit of our teaching communities.

Read the article below for more on the future prospects of online teaching:

VIPKid's Financial Muscle of Over $3 Billion? (Explosion of Online ESL Industry by End of 2019)


About Adam from Teachie

Adam is an online English teacher and chatbot creator from the UK.

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