Implementing An Online Arts Teaching Platform?

Implementing An Online Arts Teaching Platform?

Today's question is from an art teacher and she's also an online teacher and she has an interesting idea about how to combine the two. Below is the video for you to view the question and answer. You will also find the transcript beneath the video, if you prefer to read.

AskDigiNo – Question

“The reason I'm writing to you is because I'd like to create a platform much like DaDa and have online/painting teachers. It will probably cost a lot of money to develop, but I think that is needed in real way for art teachers to go global. There is MasterClass  – an online platform for teaching arts, but it's not one-to-one or interactive. So, I thought I'd throw this out to you. If you have any ideas on how to implement an online arts teaching platform, let me know.”

AskDigiNo – Answer

Okay, really good question. So, before you want to start any kind of business or idea, you have to get some kind of feedback that there is a demand.

Obviously, you found that there is this MasterClass thing, so there is a demand for it. But whether there's a strong enough demand for the interactive one-to-one platform. Like online English teaching has taken off so much because speaking English is such a huge commodity because it's the worldwide language. Especially in China, they all want their children to learn it from such a young age. So, it's a really valuable commodity. That's why online teaching platforms for English have exploded.

Online Arts Teaching Platform

With things like art, it's a very valuable commodity, but it's not as essential as English. It's not an essential skill. So, what I would do is way to find the demand. You could start just by doing video tutorials and build up a following. You can do these video tutorials on YouTube or even better, you can do it on a learning platform like Skillshare.

Skillshare, you essentially just make video classes, video tutorials, and it's a paid subscription. It's like $10 a month, but there's a two month free trial, which is really good. There's just a lot of like videos about digital skills, but there's lifestyle skills as well. Things like cooking, so, art definitely would fit in there well.

The way you can do there is make these classes, all the different elements about all the things you know, like different kinds of brush strokes, things like that. There's a follower system on Skillshare. So, you build up these followers and once you have this following of people, not only are you earning money from Skillshare, because you earn from the revenue, but you also have an idea of demand.

Once you have this following, you can create all kinds of platforms like Facebook groups, and things like that. So, you can just keep this following growing.

Online Arts Teaching Platform
Then once you have them, you can do your market research things and ask things like, “Would you be interested in one-on-one art teaching?” If enough people are like, “Yes,” and they'll happily pay their money for it, then that's how it will grow to the level of warranting a platform.

That's how you do it. I wouldn't just make it straight away and hope that it works. I would say, do the preparation beforehand. It's a really good idea.

Online teaching is growing and growing. Not just online English teaching. Everyone wants to learn, everyone wants to better themselves, and the difference between doing it on something like Skillshare and just doing it on YouTube is it's just a more condensed market.

So, on YouTube, most of the time, it's just people looking for a laugh or just lost in the black hole of YouTube finding any videos that they fall on. With Skillshare, because it's like a paid subscription, they're there to learn. So, you have this much higher concentration of a market that you want.

So, that's what I would do. To become a Skillshare teacher, I can help you do that. I've got like the absolute steps that you can do, and you can do it through DigiNo and I earn money if you make a class and you earn money. I think it's like $50, we both get $50 after you've made your first class if you do it through my link down below. That link, I'll give you all the steps that you need. So, it'd be nice and easy.

Become a Skillshare Teacher!


And find the free trial for Skillshare here if you're interested.

I definitely think the more platforms for learning there are the better and it's a really good way to leverage your art skills. Don't let them go to waste!


If you'd like to ask a question for AskDigiNo, then I'll leave the link down below:

Online Arts Teaching Platform




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