iTutorGroup Lily’s Story of Leaving DaDa & VIPKID for iTutorGroup

iTutorGroup Lily’s Story of Leaving DaDa & VIPKID for iTutorGroup

Here's a video overview of iTutorGroup from Teacher Lily with all you need to know! And below it find her story of how she started teaching online with iTutorGroup:

Hi, I'm Teacher Lily from iTutorGroup – I’m going to share my story.

I started working online since March 2018. I began with DaDa and I then joined VIPKID.

My life changed when I found iTutorGroup. It was something part time and minimal since I was fairly new and didn't want to commit to too much hours.

I then kept pushing thanks to my husband motivation that it was possible to make 4k as per Nancy Taylor VIPKID brand ambassador. I thought no way…

…boy I was wrong! My second check came higher than the first and from there on it was history.

I started seeing the potential these companies have and the e-learning world! When I Joined iTutorGroup I gave my heart and soul.

Two weeks into the company I was invited to recruit! With no knowledge I went for it. With no training…. I did it.

I researched a lot and I strived for it.

My set salary has been stable ever since I joined iTutorGroup and I don’t make more because I don’t over work myself.

That is working less than full time. I never thought it was possible.

I recently quit DaDa and closed all VIPKID slots. I have no need to work a secondary company when I am fully booked and have a steady income for my family finally with only 1 company!

I work from home. Ditch tolls, gas, and stress! And have more of a life while making $$$.

For all those struggling with a degree that never made real money, this is it! Turn your life around and join us. I sound like a commercial but I’m so passionate. I never knew there was a whole new world online that could really provide money without the stress!

Take as many vacations and days off without an issue! Your boss won’t be upset!

Coming from a position where I would drive to work 2 hours in the morning and get home at 7, loose time with my family for half of that amount as a paralegal in a law firm meant so much to me.

Ultimately I am doing this to help my family out. My father in law was diagnosed with cancer and it has been tough financially. Without his help our family is not the same. I pushed hard for my family and let go of law school. I found my passion here and financial stability.

I found more time with my daughter and flexibility. This week I only did minimum hours. I haven’t worked evenings this whole week. I have had flexibility to cancel whenever and reschedule on my own time.

No other company works 24/7 with that cancellation flexibility.

My daughter began school and I am able to cancel whenever in order to be there for her and make it up whenever I want.

No company is perfect I can guarantee you that. However the pros are better than the cons! If you work hard you will achieve! If you show interest you can have secondary positions with iTutor immediately!

This is my story, and I do this with pride and love. I absolutely love teaching and I love iTutorGroup's platform – it is very interactive with music, sound detector, image search box and more!

The company is very giving. If anyone is interested in ditching their full time job or just want part time job with a secure schedule and great hours aside from peak time you may fill out the application below or pm me for extra details!

This isn’t a competition, we have over 30k teachers and booked!

They are happy! Please note you must have a bachelors degree from an accredited university as we know brick and mortar teachers all around the world must have college education prior to teaching of at least a bachelors degree.

Thank you for your time and have a wonderful rest of your week!

Please review the brochure and fill out the application below if interested. Cant wait to meet you! Happy Teaching!

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