6 Best Jobs for People with Anxiety

6 Best Jobs for People with Anxiety

If you are seeking jobs for people with anxiety, you may have realised that when working 9 to 5, some days, you may find that you really can't face going into the office.

It's not like you can't do it…maybe you just can't do it every day.

In stressful times, when working in jobs, you may find that you just get so stressed, and the more stressed you get, the more the cycle repeats.

If you could be your own boss – then you are in control of the stress levels.

If you suffer from something like, anxiety or depression, you might not feel that you can be a part of the working world…and you need to be part of the working world because…well, we need money!

Teach from home jobs are something that you can do where it is more on your terms.

You may find it less stressful to show up to class on your laptop rather than in a physical setting.

Although, after a long stretch of classes, there is a chance you will feel really drained. With things like social anxiety, if you're social for too long, it can get very draining.

However you may find that online teaching is much more manageable than being around people in a workplace for 9:00 to 5:00 work hours a day.

After finishing the classes, you can just close the lid on your laptop, you've done your job, and that's that.

There's plenty of ways for sufferers of anxiety or social anxiety, to still earn money…

…and still give back to the workplace and still give back to people, even if you do struggle to be around people all the time or if high levels of stress make you anxious.

You have a couple of options with anxiety

You could sit inside all the time and just not do anything – but this is not the most favourable way to do thing. Sites like www.rollingpaper.com list some options for those interested. Another method for people, is they choose to just face it and overcome it…

…but there are many circumstances where it can be more difficult…especially in the working world.

When you're in the working world and you know you've got to be there, but if you can't physically be there, then eventually you will lose your job.

That's why this article exists to show you alternative ways to earn an income that doesn't require you to physically travel to a workplace.

Best Jobs for People with Anxiety

Cambly ($250 hire bonus)

Pay: $10.20 per hour
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not Required
Cambly Overview


Pay: $10 – $25+ per hour
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not required
AmazingTalker Overview


Pay: Up to $550 per week
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not required
Preply Overview

Cambly Kids ($250 hire bonus)

Pay: $12 per hour
Certificate: Not required
Degree: Not required
Cambly Kids Overview


Pay: Set your own rate
Certificate: Not Required
Degree: Not Required
Allschool Overview



Pay: $8 – $11 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree: Not required
PalFish Overview

Final Thoughts on Jobs for People with Anxiety

In summary, online based roles like teaching online with the above platforms could be a great solution as jobs for people with anxiety. Other alternatives methods of creating an online income can be found on the pages below:

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