Landi English Review (Online Teacher To TV Fame!)

Landi English Review (Online Teacher To TV Fame!)

My name is Alex and I’ve been teaching English for a number of years.  I now work for an online school called Landi English. I began my online teaching adventure in July, 2018.

Oh boy, has it been an adventure so far.

I’m going to delve in and give an honest review of Landi English and talk about my experience to date with this company. I will also share with you how I stumbled onto a Chinese Central Television commercial.

Ready? Good, let’s begin.

Why did I choose Landi English?

Landi English is one of a multitude of companies in the online teaching space.  The online school is designed for teaching Chinese children between the ages of 4-12.   

When choosing an online school, I looked at various factors.

Money, flexibility, curriculum, professionalism.

Ultimately, Landi English act professional, have a solid curriculum and pay competitively at between $18-25 USD an hour, based on experience. They request freelance teachers to offer a minimum of 12 hours a week. This was good for me in terms of flexibility whilst having a steady workflow.

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I know what you’re probably thinking. Surely, all the other online schools offer the same kind of rate and offering? If that is what you’re thinking then you’d be right. Some online schools even allow you more flexibility than Landi English.

However, Landi English differentiate their online school by actively implementing peer to peer learning. This essentially means that the classes normally have more than one child in an online classroom setting.

Why is it important to have more than one child in an online classroom?

Well, by leveraging a greater number of children in an online classroom it means there is more earning potential for the company. Therefore, the company invests more in teachers, materials, platforms, IT support, marketing and so on.

Why does this matter to us as teachers?

It means they have a sustainable business model that allows the company, teachers and students to benefit. This means more money, better support and regular bookings.

Other companies that have a similar model are Magic Ears and SayABC.

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Great, but what is the work like?

Landi English is accomplishing astonishing things in the online ESL space. I’ve seen the proven methods and curriculum work wonders. I’ve seen some children not able to say a word in English and then, voila, a few months later string some basic sentences together.

The role is fulfilling and you’d be hard pressed to find work that is more satisfying. Please be aware that you will need to have a lot of energy for this role. Alongside being an educator, you will also need to inspire and motivate young children, which can be a challenge at the best of times.

Check out the this guide from Jason on being a good online teacher below:

Minimalist Teaching with DaDa – How To Be a Good Online Teacher

What is my experience of working with Landi English?

Like any workplace there are ups and downs.

My experience has been wholeheartedly positive. I’ve received payments on time. The support from operators has been exceptional. The work is fulfilling and satisfying. The company strives to be the best provider of online lessons it can be.

Working online is great and I was recently able to spend some time teaching English from Valencia, Spain. It is worth noting that teaching online can be isolating at times. However, if you are a social person you can find ways to counteract this.

A few other things to keep in mind are about the interview process. Firstly, it has become more stringent. You must have the required qualifications/certificates, namely a bachelors degree and a TEFL certificate. China has passed a law recently stating these requirements.

Accredited TEFL Certification Here

Secondly, some teachers mention that the interview process can be arduous and long winded, this is mostly because it takes a large amount of time to set up a new teacher with a cohort of students.

Aside from the fairly obvious challenges of working online I’ve had a blast since working with Landi English. I’ve been able to concentrate on other ventures, including setting up my website, my two YouTube channels Cobb English & Cobbs Corner and much more.

On top of all of this I was also invited on a business trip to be on Chinese Central Television!

How did I get on Chinese Central Television?

Landi English was looking for online teachers who were enthusiastic and able to give a short video recording of why they love working with Landi English – you can find this video on my Cobb English YouTube channel. I gave 3 reasons why I loved working with Landi English. 

Within a few days they’d got back to me – three other teachers and I had been selected!

I’d only been working with the company for around six weeks at this stage. I couldn’t believe it.

I flew from London Heathrow in mid-September to a bustling metropolis otherwise known as Beijing. Within 36 hours of landing, I found myself on set with a host of Chinese producers/cameramen/directors all pointing lenses at me. Surreal doesn’t quite cover it.

Landi English Review


In exchange for my questionable acting skills at the studio, and a few hours in Beijing Olympic Park, everything on the trip was paid for. Yep, that’s right, everything.  The visa, hotels, food and a few excursions all for free. I even got to see a big wall.


Landi English Review


Alongside the television campaign I also had the chance to meet Shawn Li (CEO of Landi English) and Eric Mazur (Harvard professor). We had an awesome dinner, tried traditional Chinese food and had one or two shots of Baijiu (Chinese Vodka). What. An. Evening.

Landi English Review


Landi English is looking to get teachers involved in further aspects of the business including different projects alongside teaching. For example, I have also been paid to record a short video for a tech conference in Beijing, other teachers have been given tasks such as proofreading.

The thing I like most about working with Landi English is that they are progressing forward with a vision. Operators, recruiters and the Landi English Facebook community page all support and listen to your feedback carefully.

Landi English want to be the best online ESL company and many companies are fighting for the space. They recognize there are still many key areas to work on in order to improve the business and the operators, recruiters, developers, marketers and directors in the company are working tirelessly to do so.

If you’d like to work for a thriving and reputable online company, I’d fully recommend Landi English.

If I’ve convinced you enough to come and join Landi English and you feel this information has been valuable then I’d be extremely grateful if you would click on my referral link below.

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