Using LonelyScreen to Display iPad Apps Through ManyCam

Using LonelyScreen to Display iPad Apps Through ManyCam

The following is a guest post by Teacher Nicola to share with you how to display iPad apps onto ManyCam while having classes.

Being able to display my iPad onto my laptop and then onto ManyCam has been amazing for my online teaching classes, as there are so many cool apps like ‘Alphabet Magnet’ you can use in your class as rewards or a game without having to awkwardly hold up your iPad to the screen. Hope you can give it a try!

First of all, I am using a Dell Inspiron Laptop, and Windows 10.

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How do I get my iPad screen mirrored onto my Windows Laptop?

Well, I downloaded the app LonelyScreen from their website which was free.

This basically acts like the Apple TV connection you can get if you mirror your iPad onto another Apple product like a MacBook.

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Lonely Screen ManyCam

After downloading LonelyScreen, open it up onto your desktop screen if it doesn’t automatically. After that, you can take your iPad and swipe up until your dashboard pops up and you will see ‘Screen Mirroring’, and once you click on that you will see LonelyScreen available to click on.

Once you click on LonelyScreen, your iPad should automatically be mirrored and you can see it on your Laptop.

How do you get it to be viewed in ManyCam? Well, you must open ManyCam, and select the screen you would like to display your iPad app.

Right click and select ‘Desktop’, ‘Custom Area’ and a box should open up, and wherever that box hovers over is what will show in ManyCam.

Download ManyCam

So now you can put your LonelyScreen app wherever you would like. I like to put it right down in the corner so it’s out of the way, I will then put the custom area box from ManyCam over the Lonely Screen image, so now you can see the image reflected in the ManyCam camera.

You can simply minimize the LonelyScreen to carry on with your classes and just pop it open again when you want to use it. The great thing is, you don’t need to readjust it, and it pops up exactly where you left it.  

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LonelyScreen ManyCam


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