Magic Ears Cover PayPal Transfer Fees for Teachers’ Salary?

Magic Ears Cover PayPal Transfer Fees for Teachers’ Salary?

After recently re-editing the TransferWise article for receiving online teaching pay, an American teacher messaged me claiming that she receives Magic Ears pay from PayPal – without any fees!

Magic Ears and PayPal

You may have seen in my PayPal or Bank Transfer article that receiving pay from PayPal is a bit of a no-no with DaDa if you earn a lot, as they take 3.4%, so bank transfer or TransferWise would be a much cheaper option.

However, I was informed of a recent newsletter coming out that Magic Ears now cover teacher's fees who receive pay through PayPal

This is no doubt a huge incentive for US and Canadian online teachers looking for work to go with Magic Ears due to no pay fees and the convenience of PayPal!

You can apply for Magic Ears below:

Magic Ears

Pay: $12 – $26 per hour
Certificate: Required
Education: Bachelor's/Student
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Or read more tips about Magic Ears below:


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