ManyCam Features DigiNo as Online Education Resource [Special Gift Inside Article]

ManyCam Features DigiNo as Online Education Resource [Special Gift Inside Article]

ManyCam has quickly become the best online video teaching software for me…despite not being initially designed as an education device.

And now I am very pleased to announce that ManyCam has featured me as an online teaching resource in a recent video!

Which is why I'm going to give a gift to the DigiNo Community at the end of this article to celebrate.

But first…

Here is the video with me along with other great teachers:

Why I started using ManyCam for Online Teaching

I mentioned in the About DigiNo page that I was facing burn-out from so many online teaching classes.

I had a lot of regular students with DaDa therefore I constantly had to keep the classes fresh and engaging…but I was tapped of ideas.

So I started using ManyCam as a way to make up lots of games and activities that I could turn to at any time in class.

Here are a selection of the games:

ManyCam Education


ManyCam and YouTube

I started sharing all of these games on the DigiNo YouTube Channel as I wanted to help teachers who were having the same problems as me.

I wanted to help with as many ManyCam problems as I could, such as, which ManyCam version to use for teaching.

ManyCam Games Reaction

People started using the games in their classes and began thanking me in comments!

This made me smile. I really appreciate all the kind words from everyone.

I was told how I had saved their classes from getting dull and that their games had got their students laughing and talking!

But that is when I decided to stop making ManyCam games as frequently.

“Huh? Why Would That Make You Stop Making ManyCam Games?”

Let me explain.

I didn't want people to have to wait for me to make a new game all the time…as some weeks I just didn't have the time.

So that's why I stopped making the weekly short videos…and decided to make videos sharing everything I know so everyone could do it all themselves:

ManyCam Beginner's Guide

ManyCam Education


How I Make Simple ManyCam Games

With the ManyCam beginner's tutorial and sharing my method of creating games using the ManyCam effects packs, I felt the DigiNo Community had everything they needed to do exactly what I was doing.

Well not everything…until now.

When making the videos of ManyCam Games, I also saw an opportunity to make some extra income as a ManyCam affiliate.

ManyCam Affiliate

You can sign up through the Avangate affiliate network (now known as 2Checkout I believe) and become affiliated with ManyCam.

This means that you will make 20% commission of each sale of ManyCam you generate through your link. 

I want to really thank everyone who has used my link in the past to purchase ManyCam, the commission has helped me so much to keep DigiNo going.

And the only way I know how to give back is to give a discount coupon for anyone who wishes to use ManyCam. Just use this coupon code at the ManyCam checkout page to get 15% off:

15% off ManyCam Full Version with the Coupon Code – DIGINO


Just click the button to go to the ManyCam website.

You can create coupons like this as a ManyCam affiliate. However, the 15% discount comes out of your 20% commission.

But being featured by ManyCam has got me feeling generous! So enjoy, and…

…you can learn more about affiliate marketing by clicking the image below:

ManyCam Education



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