ManyCam ‘Simon Says’ Game For Teaching ESL Online

ManyCam ‘Simon Says’ Game For Teaching ESL Online

‘Simon Says' is an absolute classic game for ESL teaching.

But with ManyCam, it just got an upgrade!

This version of the game where you instruct student's to copy your movements after saying ‘Simon Says' is perfect for keeping DaDaABC students engaged mid-class…or can be used as a warm-up or warm-down game as well!

Here is a video demonstrating how you can play ‘Simon Says' using the virtual webcam software, ManyCam:

Click the banner below to download ManyCam for your online classroom:

 How Does ‘ManyCam Simon Says' Work?

So it begins as the game would normally be played – ‘Simon says run, Simon says touch your nose'…

…but you can then spice it up a bit by using ManyCam effects, such as growing a moustache or even face masks like a cat…or Donald Trump.

‘Simon says grow a moustache!'

‘Simon says be a cat!' etc

The end result of this, is simply to get the student to laugh, or to get them to wake up a little bit more for class.

Asking them to grow a moustache is all just part of the fun (I don't actually expect them to grow a real moustache instantly…I'll give them about ten years for that).

Read more about using ManyCam for your DaDaABC classroom here!

How To Get More Fun Out of ‘ManyCam Simon Says'

You can then tell them to shave their moustache. This can then be a funny little game of shaving your ManyCam moustache off, but then making it constantly reappear after you have done it…always gets a laugh or two!

And now your student is full of life and energy once again, ready to work their way through the courseware.

What Are The Benefits of ‘ManyCam Simon Says'?

The benefits of this ManyCam version of ‘Simon Says' is that you don't have to constantly think of actions you can do for them to repeat. So you won't have to dance around like a maniac to keep them engaged…

…just click the button to put a top hat on your head and that will do the leg work for you!

If you would like to download ManyCam for your online classroom, then simply click on the image below:


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