ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged

ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged

I know it's happened to me more times than I care to mention. There you are, trying to teach the best online English class you can, when suddenly the student starts to yawn.

ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged

Don't worry, it's nothing to do with you or your awesome teaching. It's just very difficult to keep a student engaged in this modern technological age.

Thankfully, that is now a thing of the past in my DaDaABC classroom…well, mostly.

There is no easier way to keep your DaDaABC online English student engaged than by using these ManyCam Tips and Tricks!

ManyCam is multi-tasking camera effects tool, also known as a virtual camera. It can be used to create various visual effects, as well as provide multiple cameras at once within your DaDaABC online ESL classroom.

Click the image below to download the free version of ManyCam now:

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Video of the ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged

Before I you read about the ManyCam Trips and Tricks in detail, here is a video for those of you who would prefer to watch them in action!

Put Virtual Glasses On Your Face [ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged]

This is just something out of the ordinary to wake them up and break the cycle of boredom.

You can even slip in a bit of a vocabulary exercise whilst you do it:

‘What are these? Glasses!'

Always an opportunity for a lesson to be learned!

Use a Distortion Effect [ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged]

Similar to the glasses, it just breaks up the class and gets your online ESL student's eyes to open up a bit more!

It can also be pretty entertaining for yourself to see yourself on camera looking absolutely ridiculous…sometimes teachers need a little pick-me-up as well as the students!

Flip Yourself Upside Down [ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep DaDaABC Students Engaged]

This one is great as you can turn it into a little game.

Once you have flipped yourself upside down by clicking on the ‘Flip horizontally' button in the ‘Video' tab, you can then ask the DaDaABC student to help you get back the right way up.

Simply instruct them to say ‘1-2-3-Back to normal!' and then press the button again to flip yourself back.

Or for less advanced students: ‘1-2-3-‘ and then tell them to click their fingers.

Use These ManyCam Tips and Tricks To Keep Things Fresh!

You can pull any of these three tricks out of the bag all throughout your class.

It's great for keeping things fresh! You don't want to find yourself just reading through the courseware constantly, as a lot of kids just don't have the attention span for that.

I always find that after I have done one of these tricks, the student always gets right back to the activity in the courseware with a fresh perspective and raring to go…well, mostly.

If you have any tips and tricks for keeping students engaged, then feel free to share them with the DigiNo community in the comments below!


If you want to read more about using ManyCam for your DaDaABC online classroom, then clicking the image below would be a fine choice!

ManyCam Trips and tricks | Use ManyCam For Your Online ESL Classroom


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