3 Ways to Fix ManyCam Video Sound Issues for DaDaABC

3 Ways to Fix ManyCam Video Sound Issues for DaDaABC
I've recently been getting a lot of questions from DaDaABC teachers about sound not working when playing videos through ManyCam.
Here is a written example of the issue:
‘I have been trying to work out how to play songs and although I can upload them, play and hear the songs myself, the students don't seem to be able to.'
If this issue, sounds familiar to you, or if you are just getting no sound on videos at all…
…keep reading!
Hopefully I can help you out.

Methods to Fix the Sound on ManyCam Videos in DaDaClass

(I can't guarantee any of this working, but these are the methods that have helped me).

 It never works 100% of the time for me, but here are some things you can do to give it the best possible chance of working:

1)  Get Some Space!

Free up some space on your hard drive. I have found ManyCam to run better after I've just done a bit of spring cleaning on my Mac.

I also found a lot of success when storing downloaded videos on a USB flash drive with lots of free space.

Here is a decent USB flash drive for you if you don't have one:

You can download videos from YouTube using Keepvid and then store them on the USB flash drive above.

(But I have found playing videos using the YouTube URL feature in ManyCam to be more successful than media files).

2) Get The Latest!

Ensure you have the latest update of ManyCam. Which you can download by clicking the image below:

3) The Right Order!

Make sure that when you start up your computer before teaching, do this sequence in the order I display below:

a) Plug in headphones

b) Open ManyCam

c) Open DaDaClass

If I plug in my headphones last, the student can't hear me.

And if I open ManyCam after DaDaClass, then there is no chance of sound in ManyCam videos working.

If you open DaDaClass, then plug in your headphones, then open ManyCam, the universe implodes.

So this really is the most beneficial sequence to ensure you keep your sound…sound.

Still Having Trouble?

If none of that works, then do what I do and select videos that don't really require the sound, such as guessing games.

Click the image below to check them out:

manycam video sound issues


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