Top 3 Mechanical Keyboards to Improve Your Productivity

Top 3 Mechanical Keyboards to Improve Your Productivity

As an online teacher or a someone making income online, you’re probably on your computer every single day (or, if you’re on a laptop, check out our laptop guide here). When you’re in the zone and getting some really good work done, it’s the absolute worst when your keyboard keys get stuck or when your keyboard gives you no tactile response whatsoever.
This article will explore the best 3 mechanical keyboards that will amp up both your productivity and experience when working. If you’ve never tried a mechanical keyboard before, prepare for a life-changing solution.

So, what is a mechanical keyboard?

The major difference between mechanical and non-mechanical keyboards (known as membrane keyboards) are the switches. The switches are the spring mechanism under the keys that help prop the keys back up after you’ve clicked them.
Here are the main reasons for using a mechanical keyboard:
– Extra tactile response and better comfort
– Longer lasting keyboard (keys can be removed and cleaned)
– Faster key response and improved typing experience
Generally, when typing on non-mechanical keyboard, the keys get very uncomfortable and make jittery sounds after they’ve worn out. Mechanical keyboards are always preferred over their non-mechanical counterpart and can be used to improve productivity.

How Mechanical Keyboards Improve Productivity

Mechanical keyboards

Other than the benefits listed above, mechanical keyboards also usually come with added features that improve general workflow.

Features such as RGB backlighting, macros, programmable keys, and added comfort are all the ways mechanical keyboards can improve your work life.

RGB backlighting essentially allows you to light up your keyboard in any kind of color you want. Although mostly popular with gamers, this can be helpful for those who work in the dark. The real benefit comes with keyboard macros. This feature allows you to record specific keys and replay them with a hotkey.

So, if you find yourself always deleting a line of text, you could macro it so that you do the process in one click instead of many. There are many more ways to use macros to improve productivity, that’s just one example.

Lastly, mechanical switches are one of the best benefits of these kinds of keyboards. There are different colors of switches that indicate different tactile feel and sounds. So, if you’re working in public with other people around, you may want brown switches, which are responsive yet quiet.

Now that I’ve talked about the benefits of mechanical keyboards, let's get into a few of my favorites below:

Das Professional 4 – A Productivity Beast

Mechanical Keyboards

The Das Pro 4 is one of the most popular mechanical keyboards for work.
Feature such as dedicated media buttons, USB ports, a high-quality build, and a sleek design make this a good choice for anyone who's serious about keyboards.
With over 1,000 positive Amazon reviews, this mechanical keyboard is considered a classic. Moreover, this keyboard sports Cherry MX switches, which are the highest quality switches one can get.

Check it out below:

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Velocifire TKL Wireless Keyboard – Compact & Wireless

Mechanical Keyboards

Velocifire’s TKL wireless keyboard is very popular for those who want both a compact and wireless solution. Its wireless capabilities are good enough for any work environment (won’t be too good if your typing across a room) and its compact design is perfect for those who are always on the move. The best part is that this keyboard has a very low cost, making it perfect for any mechanical keyboard beginner.
A tenkeyless keyboard is a keyboard that doesn’t have the numpad. So, if you work with a lot of numbers, this likely won’t be for you.
The point of TKL keyboards is to decrease the size and weight of the keyboard so that you can have more space for your desk.
I’ve personally tested this keyboard out and love it! Wireless is great for work environments and that added space is quite convenient. If you’re interested about TKL’s, out a full list of TKL keyboards here.

If you’re interested in the Velocifire TKL, check it out below:

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Corsair STRAFE – A Classic

Mechanical Keyboards

Corsair is a very well-known company that manufactures computer hardware. They’ve taken their expertise to keyboards and have done very well. With more than 1,000 excellent Amazon reviews, the Corsair STRAFE has consolidated its position as one of the greatest mechanical keyboards.
The STRAFE has programmable keys, RGB backlighting, USB ports, and more. For its price, the Corsair STRAFE is well worth it. It literally has all of the bells and whistles you can get from a modern day mechanical keyboard.
The only thing that might be offsetting is its lack of dedicated media keys.

Check out the Corsair STRAFE below:

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If you’ve been using membrane keyboards for work, you’ve been doing it all wrong!
Mechanical keyboards not only make typing fun but also last a much longer time. You can remove the keys and actually clean away grime leftover from years of snacking, which eliminates sticky keys or other keyboard issues.
Additionally, features such as macros, switches, and added tactility make mechanical keyboards better for reducing typing errors and automating certain tasks. Although mechanical keyboards often cost a little more than membrane ones, it’ll be well worth it since you’re on the PC every day.

Click the image below to discover the best tablets for online teachers:

Mechanical Keyboards


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