Monumetric – Do Impression Spikes Equal More Revenue?

Monumetric – Do Impression Spikes Equal More Revenue?

Since using Monumetric to monetize my website traffic through ads that pay per impression, I have been constantly making getting more traffic a priority.

My impressions were very much around the 30k mark, earning me daily revenue between $15-30. This was from a daily page view of between 1000-1500.

One day I had posted a particularly hot topic piece of news. My traffic boosted to around 2,500 page visits and my impressions went to 53k. I was excited the next day to check my earnings…only to find them at $30 for that day.

Monumetric Revenue Screenshots

Here's a couple screenshots displaying this data.

The first one is a day earning $30 for my regular impressions:

Monumetric Impression Spikes


This second one is the day of the spike in impressions:

Monumetric Impression Spikes


I thought there must have been a mistake. If Monumetric pays by impression…then why am I getting $30 for 33K impressions AND 53k?

So I emailed my support manager and they analysed my data. After looking closely, this is the conclusion we came to…

Why Spikes in Impressions Don't Equal More Revenue

Online advertisers are very much creatures of pattern. If they are accustomed to receiving X number of impressions from your every day, and then suddenly, one day your impressions skyrocket, the advertisers' budgets are not prepared to spend more on your site. In the industry, advertisers call these “nodes.”

What is a “Node”?

Nodes are pretty much expected quantity baselines that your site is categorized in. You can get into higher volume nodes if you consistently bring higher impressions, but one-off days don’t usually result in higher correlating performance.

Sorry if this is getting too into the “industry weeds,” I just don’t want anyone to feel discouraged for future successes (like I was). The more this happens in the future, the better you can expect your performance to be.

Let me explain this is in a much simpler way.


Ad Revenue is Like a Video Game

So Monumetric and ad revenue is like a video game with different levels. Before you jump to the next level (or node) then you have to prove you can complete the first level.

So one great performance one day isn't a new pattern…it's an anomaly. Until you can play the game really well for a consistent pattern, then you won't ascend to the next level.


Why This is a Good Thing

If your goal is like mine…and that is completely automated and passive income, then slow, gradual consistent growth is what you should be aiming for.

That article of the day of the spike in impressions, took me a lot of time writing, researching and sharing…and it didn't equate to a rise in revenue.

Therefore I realised that to jump up to the next revenue node, I would have to do that same kind of work daily – which isn't a problem…but the success of that article was based on the hot topic of news I was reporting. This cannot be guaranteed daily, so therefore it is unrealistic to rely on such a growth strategy.

And that level of researching, writing and sharing daily is not automated…nor is it passive.

So that's why the disappointment of the minimal increase in revenue was a great learning curve.

It continues to reinforce the idea that passive income is a marathon and not a race.

Consistent patterns are slowly crafted over time to ensure their longevity.

Check out a more detailed Monumetric Revenue Report below:

Monumetric Impression Spikes Revenue

Spikes in website traffic are exactly what it says on the tin…a spike.

What goes up, must come down.

But what stays level over time and slowly rises up…will also slowly rise down…

…giving you a much longer stay in Passive Income Paradise.

So what better time to start your climb now. Click the link below to learn how to get your website set up with Monumetric:


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