Monumetric Revenue Report – Q3 2018 (How Did My Ad Revenue Change?)

Monumetric Revenue Report – Q3 2018 (How Did My Ad Revenue Change?)

Here are my Q3 2018 Monuemtric ad revenue reports for this site. I am by no means a data scientist, but I thought I'd document my analysis of the reports to the best of my ability.

I am also by no means a high-earner in the Monumetric space – but that's why this is a perfect time to document my (hopeful) growth for each quarter of the passing years.

I want to do this so that the DigiNo Community can see the process of ad revenue growth (and not just online teaching revenue growth) – and so that we can gradually all learn together with the help of real data.

I was accepted by Monumetric in June 2018, so I will start this series of reports in July as it is the beginning of the third quarter of the year (Q3).

I switched from Google AdSense to Monumetric in June which you can read all about here.

Let's roll with the first month…


July 2018

Monumetric Revenue Report - Q3 2018

So as you can see, throughout July I was averaging between $20-25 daily as the month progressed. The blue bar graph represents my net earnings and the black dot and line graph is my total page views.

But as you can see from July 4th, a high total page views doesn't always equal high earnings.

Why is this?

The thing to remember for Monumetric is – the formula isn't:

More page visits = more revenue

No. The formula is –

More ad impressions = more revenue.

And just because there are a high amount of visits on a day, that says nothing about the users interaction with the site.

A visit could have had a high bounce rate – which means they could have been on for a matter of seconds. This would not be a enough time to get a high amount of impressions on any of the ads. That's why it is so important to write quality content that visitors want to read for a long time and engage with the page by scrolling.


More ad impressions sometimes also doesn't equal more revenue.

I know, it's confusing. But stick with me.

This is due to a variable of consistency of daily impressions. One really good day of ad impressions in an average month, isn't enough to move you up the revenue ladder. There are levels of revenue, determined by your website's consistent performance. These levels are called ‘Nodes'.

I explain ad nodes in more detail in another article. I go into why spikes in impressions don't equal more revenue.

But for this report, I want to compare two very good examples.

An Interesting Comparison

July 4th 2018 (Highest Page Views – Low Revenue)

Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018


July 27th 2018 (Average Page Views – Highest Revenue)


Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

For closer inspection of this, let's take a look at my Google Analytics for those days:

July 4th (low revenue) Analytics

Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018


July 27th (high revenue) Analytics

Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018


So this is where it gets confusing. The high revenue day's analytics have only a slight increase in average time on page, but also a significantly worse bounce rate.

So why did that day have more ad impressions?

This could be due to many factors:

  • Higher frequency on longer content (longer content = more opportunity for ad placement)
  • The users on the 27th were just generally more engaged with the content on that day
  • Or they just really enjoyed the sensation of scrolling up and down on their mouse.

It's all very hard to say and this report would go on forever if I tried to dive into it deeper and deeper.

As there is also another factor, which is Ad Type:


Monumetric Revenue Report - Q3 2018

And traffic sources:

Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

But I will go into these within the report of August 2018 Q3 in this article. I'll do this as it will help to have another month's data to truly compare it.

And plus, I haven't even told you how much revenue I earned for July yet!


How Much Revenue Did I Earn in July 2018 with Monumetric?

I know this is what you've been waiting for, so here you go:

Monumetric Revenue Reports - Q3 2018

Monumetric Revenue – July 2018 = $647.26

I was really pleased with this, considering it was passive income!

If you'd like to sign up for the Monumetric ad network, you can do so through DigiNo to help boost your application. I partnered up with them after being so blown away by my results.

If you sign up through me, I will receive a commission which comes at no extra cost to you, and helps me to keep creating content like this. So click the button below if you have a minimum of 10K visitors a month to your site and you wish to monetize it with Monumetric:



Or you can also keep reading for the rest of Q3 2018!

I wonder if I can top July's revenue in the next month…let's find out!


August 2018

Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

Let's see what insights we can dig up from August.

Once again, we see some of the same trends I spoke about in July. So I'll go a little deeper into other areas for this month…

Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

Monumetric Ad Type Analysis

Less revenue from Ad Stack in this month.

And Demand Fusion has been replaced by Exchange bidding as an ad type. Let's see what all of this means.

Exchange Bidding

The ad system works like an antique auction. 

Ad Exchanges and third-party exchanges compete in an auction for the antique painting (website impression). But first each exchange runs its own independent auction. After this, they submit their bid into the unified auction with all the other exchanges.

Because of something called ‘Dynamic Allocation', the lowest of the bids for the net impressions would win the independent auction. So let's say there is a bid of $1 within the independent exchange, and a bid of $3. The $1 bid would win and be sent to the unified auction.

Why would the lowest bid win in an independent ad exchange auction?

Here's the best way I can explain it:

Bargain Hunt

There is a TV show on BBC in the UK called ‘Bargain Hunt'. In this show teams go to a market (car-boot sale in the UK) and look for antiques. They then sell these antiques at a proper antique auction.

Car-boot sale = Independent auction

Antique auction = Unified auction

At the car-boot sale, the teams negotiate with sellers to try and get the lowest price for the antique (impression). Because when they sell it at the antique auction, the aim of the game in ‘Bargain Hunt' is to get the most profit from your original purchase.

The lower the original price, the more chance of profit at the antique auction…

…Ad Networks are also hunting for a bargain.

Unified Auction

So now we have left the car-boot sale and our antique painting is up for auction in the Unified Auction. The Ad exchange has set the floor price (starting price) at $1 and if a third party exchange bids $2, they would win the impression (antique painting).

They would win as their bid of $2 is higher than the Ad Exchange's $1 bid. But the Ad Exchange didn't miss out as that $1 bid was estimated based on profitability of actually acquiring the impression…

…the same way the antique expert would try and get a low price on the antique painting at car-boot sale based on expert analysis and prediction of how it would perform at auction.

Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

How is the value of Ad Exchange bid determined?

The value of these bids is based on analysis of website data and market and whether the relevancy of the website and its metrics yield a higher chance of converting the product they are advertising (the same way the antique expert analyzes how the painting will perform at auction).

If a website is about blenders, has good metrics and its market is made up of those who wish to buy a blender, then Ad Exchange wishing to advertise blenders would bid a higher maximum for the impression.

And if the third part ad exchange has estimated the impression would be better suited for their product, then their calculated maximum bid would win over the Ad Exchange's bid.

And that is the best way I can explain it. And I never thought I would ever be mentioning ‘Bargain Hunt' on my blog, but there we go.

However, this is the method used for Google AdSense. Monumetric uses a technology called Header Bidding. This may a reason for the higher revenue with Monumetric than AdSense.

But what is Network Header Bidding?

Let Me Define Header Bidding

So the older auction process I just described is similar to that of a waterfall, where impressions get passed down through advertisers to get the best bargain. This is no good for the owner of the antique painting (me as the owner of the website/impression), as each time it is passed down in the independent auction, it loses value.

Header Bidding vs Waterfall

In Header Bidding, advertisers bid at the same time as each other. This means advertisers are encouraged to bid the true value for the impression (rather than automated bargain-seeking) and us publishers get better rates due to the more competitive nature.

How to Implement Header Bidding

This process is implemented for you by Monumetric. Which makes the process of earning ad revenue so much easier. Which is another fantastic benefits of using their service

So how does Ad Type affect my Monumetric revenue?

Despite of the differences of Header Bidding vs Waterfall, the fundamentals of Ad Type affecting your ad revenue are still the same.

The better your metrics, as well as the relevancy of your content and traffic in correlation to the intended advertised product…

…then the higher calculated maximum bids for your impressions.

And your metrics are influenced by your traffic sources…


Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

I will do some analysis of my traffic sources on the final month of the quarter.

But first thing's first…

How much did I earn in August 2018?

Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

Monumetric Revenue – August 2018 = $615.51


Click the button below if you have a minimum of 10K visitors a month to your site and you wish to monetize it with Monumetric:



So I earned less than July, despite my metrics being slightly better. So possibly this is to do with the Ad Exchanges analysing my traffic quality and their relevancy to their product.

Guess it's time to put more focus on my traffic sources in the final month of Q3 2018!

And of course, see if my revenue shoots back up after a minor dip in August.


September 2018

Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

So what I can instantly see here is a few instances of ok revenue despite of lower page views. This means a higher frequency of ad impression per page view.

In this month I'll delve deeper into how my traffic sources could be dictating my ad impressions.


Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

Demand FusionHB are the dominant ad type here. However, Ad Stack is missing from the chart for the first time this quarter. So we will find out if that is a factor in a rise or drop in revenue at the end of September's section.

Demand FusionHB

I imagine that this advertiser promotes products that are relevant to my niche and my traffic. This is why they always seem to be the majority.

So a higher frequency of visits to certain categories of content within my blog may affect which Advertisers more frequently bid for my impressions.

Ad Stack

Therefore, the disappearance of Ad Stack, could be due to a lower frequency of visits to a certain article category over the month.

I will see if Ad Stack reappears in my next quarterly report and then begin to disect would kind of content is favourable to which advertiser.

This could be a very good method of planning content to optimize revenue.

But for now I'd like to take a look at traffic sources…


Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

Traffic Sources Overview


This is someone literally typing the URL to my website in the search bar of their browser. This is good traffic as it indicates the traffic the be somewhat of a follower or a fan of the website.

Organic Search

This is someone finding your specific page or post in the search engine rankings. This is an indicator of good SEO if you have a higher frequency of this traffic.


This is social media traffic, for instance, sharing your post on Facebook and someone clicking it.


This is if someone finds a link to your website on another website and clicks it, or if they click-through a link to another page of your site linked within your site.


Analysis of DigiNo's Traffic Sources

Throughout these three months, these results have been very much the same. My traffic source is always dominated heavily by organic search. This is due to my main promotional strategy being that of targeting low-hanging fruit keywords using Long Tail Pro.

This is a good way of attracting a mass of new visitors, but it also isn't guaranteed ad impressions due to the chance of a high bounce rate, when your article isn't specifically what the visitor was looking for.

Direct Traffic vs Organic Traffic

Direct traffic is the most valuable when it comes to ad impressions as it indicates your site is a trusted source of information. If someone has purposefully visited your site to seek an answer then there is a higher chance of them reading and interacting with your site for a longer time.

This of course would equal more ad impressions.

But this isn't to say that someone stumbling upon your site through Google wouldn't interact with your articles just as much, but I feel there is a higher likelihood through the direct traffic source.

Building up the direct traffic just comes with time as your audience grows to trust your website as a resource.

My direct traffic was higher in August 2018, which could be a reason for the higher amount of impressions for that month.

Social Traffic

My Facebook sharing generally fluctuates, but I always put links to my website in my YouTube channel descriptions. This is good because these links always sit there within your videos and don't get lost in a sea of posts never to be found again, like with Twitter.

You can check out more about how I use YouTube to boost my traffic here.


Referral Traffic

This source can also stem from sharing your posts to your email list. I have recently automated my email marketing platform, ConvertKit, to give a weekly digest of recent posts to my email list. So hopefully I should see the Referral traffic source rise in the next quarter.

Read more about ConvertKit here.


Performance in September 2018

This month saw my highest amount of page views and highest amount of impressions…but lowest amount of revenue.

We saw in the Ad Type pie chart that this was the first month Ad Stack was missing from the results…so this could be a factor as I mentioned previously. However, I will need the analytics from Q4 October 2018 to truly investigate that further.

So for now, let's see the earnings!

Monumetric Revenue Report Q3 2018

Monumetric Revenue – September 2018 = $599.48

My lowest revenue of Q3. There has been a slow decline from July to September in this quarter, despite of the increase in impressions. So this is something I will have to figure out. That is the benefit of doing these reports as it helps me to really get to grips and understand the data of my website and how I can work more accurately to improve it.

And I hope it helps you too!

But let's take a look at the grand total of the quarter for a nice satisfying finish to the report.

It's time for the Ad Revenue Calculator:

Total Q3 Page views = 110,378

Total Q3 Ad Impressions = 2,289,837



Total Monumetric Revenue – Q3 2018 =





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Monumetric Ad Revenue Report Q3 2018


Apply to Monumetric through DigiNo fast-tracks your application due to DigiNo being a trusted Monumetric partner. I earn a commission through referring people to Monumetric which comes at no extra cost to you. I promote Monumetric because I love and believe in the service. The commission helps to help me keep writing content like this.


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