Online Tutoring Jobs for College Students (Great Paying Job for USA Students That Need Money!)

Online Tutoring Jobs for College Students (Great Paying Job for USA Students That Need Money!)

When I was a student, I thought the only option make money was endless shifts at the student bar or 24 hour cafe. I wish I knew about teaching English online back then.

Magic Ears employs if you are currently studying for your degree. Most other online teaching companies require you to have already obtained your college degree.

Which is what makes teaching ESL online an awesome online job for students.


Because it is part-time, high-earning and can be done from the comfort of your dorm room or wherever you are living at college.

I know when I was at university, there was one narrative throughout my time studying:

“I'm Broke”

Online Jobs for College Students

That's why being an ESL teacher for Magic Ears would have been perfect when I was a student. You can fit it around your studies, work part-time hours and earn a much higher hourly rate than a retail or hospitality job.

More on the pay later in this article. But for now…

Online ESL Teacher Job Description

What is ESL?

It stands for English as a Second Language.

As an online ESL teacher, you will be teaching Chinese students over video chat on your laptop. You will be using a platform with a lesson plan readily available to you.

This means that you have barely any preparation responsibilities, and can just focus on interacting and having fun with your students.

Awesome Job – Teaching ESL Classes

Working for Magic Ears is rewarding for the soul and the wallet. This makes it a perfect online job for teens and college students.

Teaching your ESL students from your laptop won't leave you stressed like an overnight shift in a campus bar would.

And as soon as you're finished teaching, you are right in front of your laptop to carrying on grinding away on your college work.

Here are a couple of positives and negatives about this online job for students:

Positive – Good Pay if are in Need of Money Now!

Magic Ears online teachers can earn up to $26 per hour. No more wondering how to make money online as a teen. This is a realistic and lucrative solution.

Magic Ears

(Chinese Company)
Pay: $12 – $26 per hour
Magic Ears Overview

magic ears


Negative – Teaching ESL Requires Energy

Do be a good online teacher, you will need to devote positive energy to your classes. You may find yourself losing students if you show up to class half asleep without putting any effort in.

Thankfully, the job is fun and pays well – which are two great motivators!

And I have provided plenty of ways on this site to make teaching ESL online fun and easy.

Teacher Tools

Here are a few things you will need to teach ESL online (I have linked each one to helpful lists of the best items to use):

How To Make Extra Money

There is also a referral program with Magic Ears, so you can refer your college friends to teach ESL online also and earn a generous bonus for each new teacher you recommend.

Magic Ears – Best Online Job for Students

If you would like more information on teaching ESL online for Magic Ears, then I will leave a links to the apply page with all the information.

Or if you would like to start your application now, then click the button below:

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