PalFish Pay – How Much Can You Earn Teaching for PalFish?

PalFish Pay – How Much Can You Earn Teaching for PalFish?

So, now that I've previously outlined and explained why Palfish is the best ESL platform to work for in my last post, it's time to get down to the important business: making money.

Because as much as I truly enjoy working on this platform, I'm here to make money first and foremost (obviously).

So, on the Official Kid's Course, you earn 50 RMB per 25 minute class (with a 5 rmb bonus if you are not late. This works out at about 8 dollars per class; 16 dollars an hour (50 minutes technically). Also note that exchange rates will of course fluctuate.

This rate increases by 5 RMB per level; you begin at Level 1, and get promoted a level (Level 2, Level 3 to Level 5) as you reach the targets set by Palfish admin (punctuality, consecutive classes with no absences, etc.) You also get points by simply teaching as well!


Pay: $10 – $30 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree: Not Required
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PalFish Official Kids Course vs Freetalk – What Pays More?

Making a strong observational guesstimate, I would say that 90% of the most active and successful Palfish teachers are 90% working on the Official Kids Course; without doubt, it is initially the far more profitable avenue, compared with the Freetalk avenue.

That said, good money can still be made from the Freetalk avenue, and in the long run, I believe it is the infinitely more beneficial one – for the reasons outlined in my first blog post.

So, how much can you earn from Freetalk?

Well, as much as you like! (Within reason)

Until recently, a Freetalk Palfish Tutor could set his/her rate anywhere from .5 to 5 RMB per minute.

Happily, charging such a ridiculously low rate has now been stopped by the Palfish admin; from now on, the lowest rate is 1.5 rmb / minute.

That works out at a cushty 13.44 USD per hour. Not bad to begin with, right?

Well, unfortunately there's no such thing as a free lunch as we all know, and as you are being hosted by an app, the app takes a cut of your earnings.

PalFish take a cut of 20%.

So, if you're set at 2.2 rmb/minute, 20% of 2.2 = 0.44.

2.2 – 0.44 = 1.76

Your call earnings will therefore be 1.76 rmb per minute.

If you're at 3 rmb/minute, your call earnings will arrive in your Wallet at a rate of 2.4 rmb/minute.

How To Get Paid by PalFish?

You can use Payoneer to receive your PalFish earnings. You can set up your Payoneer account for free below:

How I Decided My Rate

With the current minimum rate being set to 1.5 rmb, my advice would be to keep it at that for the first 2-3 months, and gradually move it up to 2.0 rmb thereafter.

At that rate, you're bringing in roughly 100rmb per hour call – a nice amount; just 10-15 lower than 2 Kid's Classes, but as I've already made patently clear, I'd much rather take a genuinely engaging, insightful, culturally and socially uplifting 1 hour call with an adult, than two 25 minute Kid's Classes; that's just my personal preference.

Need a Cheap Teaching Certificate? (TEFL/TESOL)

The $19 TESOL option from International Open Academy will be accepted by most online ESL teaching companies. Click the affiliate link below to read more:

Now, as for max earnings, let me stop your beady eyes right in their tracks.  

Because I know your eyes are still bulging and your jaw is still on the floor after reading that you can earn 5 rmb/minute (44 dollars an hour) on Palfish Freetalk.

But unfortunately, the simple truth that NOBODY with their rate set to 5 rmb is receiving calls. NOBODY. 

It is nigh on impossible, unless you somehow manage to build some sort of a cult following, in which case you should probably be running for public office rather than wasting your time on a teaching/podcasting app.

So, at a rate of 2rmb – 2.5 rmb, you can aim to earn in and around the 1,000 dollar mark just from Freetalk.

This can of course be combined with the Kid's Classes, in which case you can easily hit 3,000 + dollars a month.

So if you've want to give it a crack yourself, you can apply using the button below if you'd like:

Apply to PalFish

And if you'd like to share valuable information about your online teaching company, you can do so by visiting the page below:


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