Part-Time Hours with DaDaABC

Part-Time Hours with DaDaABC

Part-time hours with DaDaABC are essentially applying for extra hours on top of your contracted hours.

Say you don't want to set in stone that you're gonna work five days a week, you could set your contracted hours as just two days a week.

After doing this, you can then apply for an extra three days worth of hours.


…you won't be able to do this straight away. The option to apply for part-time hours is only valid once you have been in the job for around 1-2 months.

If the part-time hours tab doesn't appear in DaDaClass after a month, contact your co-ordinator and see if they can get it to appear.

Once it appears…

…you'll be able to see a timetable. This will display the days of the following week and the time slots available.

The Peak Time for DaDaABC Part-Time Hours

The peak time is 6pm – 9pm Beijing time. This is the best time to get class bookings as the students are home from school and they've had their dinner etc.
So this will just be a time of mass availability.
But you can also book other time slots, as well as around the clock on the weekend. So it's a great little weekend job for you as well if you need extra cash.

Why is the Peak Time Important for Earning More Money?

 The difference between your regular contract hours and your applied part-time hours is that you won't get paid for standby time in your part-time hours. 
So with your regular contracted hours, you'll be paid half-pay if you're not teaching.
Say if a student cancels last minute and you don't teach them,  you won't get the full pay.
You'll get half pay in your regular contracted hours…but in your part-time hours, you won't get any pay.
You're only paid for the time that you're teaching in DaDaABC part-time hours.
So that's the drawback of it as it's not guaranteed money.

Part-Time Hours are Good for DaDaABC Travellers

Say you are travelling and don't want to be too nailed down to a fixed schedule with DaDaABC (as this would clash with the unpredictability of the road), part-time hours could come to the rescue.
For example, you know for sure that you will be able to work 2 days a week regularly.
However, you won't really know what you are up to the rest of the days, so part-time hours gives you a chance to be flexible with your time and book the days in advance that you know you can do.
Click the image below to read more about travelling with DaDaABC:
DaDaABC part-time hours

A similar set up to other companies…

Some online education companies don't offer the regular contracted hours like DaDaABC.
They operate entirely on the part-time hours system. So that is the benefit of DaDaABC, as you get the best of both worlds.
To read more about comparisons between other online education companies, click the image below:
DaDaABC part-time hours

What Classes to Expect During Part-Time Hours

You'll have half an hour classes with a student who's taken an interest in you as a teacher.
You'll also get a lot of trial classes.
These are 14 minute classes where the student is just trialing the software.
If you have a lot of these in a row it can be quite draining, because with trial classes a lot of the time, they're low English ability.
So this will require a lot of TPR, CCQ, Props and just being as entertaining as possible.
Click the images below to read about TPR and CCQ respectively:
DaDaABC Part-Time Hours
DaDaABC part-time hours

My Experience with Part-Time Hours

I moved somewhere and I couldn't afford to pay my rent (not the best idea!)
So I applied to extend my contracted hours from two days a week to five days a week. 
Now it takes a month for contract change to take effect with DaDaABC, so I was like ‘Okay, well I've got to pay my rent so let's give part-time hours a go.'
I applied for enough part-time hours to make my teaching time 5 days a week for a month.
This helped me massively with my financial woes.
Obviously I had a few cancellations so it wasn't as much money as if I was contracted five days a week…but you'll be happy to know, the rent got paid!
Click the image below to apply to be a DaDaABC teacher:

More Chance of Trial Class Bonus with Part-Time Hours

Despite it not being as much guaranteed money as regular contracted hours, what makes up for it you'll get quite a lot of trial classes.
And there is a trial class bonus if the students sign up after your class.
This is around $5 for the bonus. This doesn't sound like a lot but when you consider this compounded over time…let's crunch some numbers!
 Let's say say you have 10 trial classes in a day.
 And you do that three days a week.
So that's 30 opportunities for you to get the $5 bonus in a week.
30 x 5 = $150
So that's $150 in a week potential earnings from the bonuses.
(Obviously they're not all going to sign up)
But let's times that by 4 and you've got $600 potential earnings in a month from bonuses on top of your wage for teaching as well.
So there's a lot of benefits for using part-time hours on top of your contract.
Click image below to read about another DaDaABC bonus:
DaDaABC part-time hours

How to Apply for Part-time Hours in DaDaClass

So once again, if you want to apply for them it'll take around a month to two months from when you first start with DaDaABC.
  • So go into DaDaClass
  • Go to ‘Schedule' at the top
  • On the left panel, click on ‘Part-time'
  • Then at the top, click ‘Part-time application'
  • A new tab will open and it will have a timetable
  • This will tell you how many places are left
  • Click on the time you wish to apply for
Book in advance to give you the best chance to get in spaces.
And if you do it between the peak time of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m Beijing time, you're more likely to get a lot of students…which will mean you won't have as much stand-by time…which means more money!
Click the image below to discover the best way to get paid by DaDaABC:
DaDaABC part-time hours

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