50-30-20 Rule Spreadsheet

Organise your income in this spreadsheet using the '50 30 20 Rule'.

  • 50% of income for personal expenses
  • 30% of income for business expenses
  • 20% to save

Let the DigiNo 50 30 20 Rule Spreadsheet do all the organising for you.



There were two main takeaways from my time earning online income before I made a Money Plan:

  1. I had no money left to show for my work
  2. I wasn’t paying attention to where it was going

The solution to this? One of the most crucial elements of the Online Teacher Money Plan…I made a spreadsheet on Google Sheets.

This spreadsheet was literally the beginning of my peace of mind. It was set-up with all the elements I needed to organise my money month-by-month within the financial year.


How much money I brought in.


How much money I spent.


All of this was organised in the 50-30-20 method:

Personal Budget (50%)

Business Budget (30%)

Savings (20%)

Gran this spreadsheet as a free gift inside Online Teacher Money Plan Ebook.


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