Ammoon 24 inch deadwood (rare) Hawaii Ukulele



  • This ukulele is equipped with LED equalizer to adjust batt, tuner, volume, bass, middle and treble, bring you a better music experience.
  • A 1/4 inch 1/4 for the connector port and a cover of battery on the bottom. Can enhance the sound and connect to your computer/speaker.
  • Handle is made of rosewood, high quality Ox Bone Nut and Saddle.Shell Cowry hole and sound hems make the sound more full.
  • 4 tuners and 4 nylon strings produce really nice tone given.
  • 24″ size deadwood(rare material) ukulele, pattern on the board will not be the same, because of the natural material. you can get unique music instrument! Perfect Christmas, new year and valentine gift!


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