Create and Automate Profitable Niche Websites (View on Skillshare with 2 Month Free Trial)


What This Course Will Do For You

  • Show you how to make a website with a strong brand image
  • Teach you how to get it to page 1 of Google
  • Show you how to turn your website traffic into passive income streams
  • Teach you exclusive automation techniques to eliminate heaps of hard work and save you time

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Hey, I'm Jason and I created I used all of these techniques to take this online ESL teaching website from zero traffic to 40,000 visitors per month in one year.

My niche website, SEO and passive income techniques were so successful that I developed KuboSEO to help other small businesses do the same.

I made this course to share as much as I can about creating and automating profitable niche websites with all of you.

So let's get started with the course!

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Contents of Course

This course will use a niche website I created about Shiba Inus as a case study.

Below, find the contents of the course, as well as all my recommended resources at the bottom:


1. Finding Golden Keywords

2. Simple Website Setup

3. Creating Your Brand Image

4. WordPress to Rank

5. Genesis Framework

6. Someone else write this for me?

7. Automate with If This Then That

8. Create Content With Social Media?!

9. Finding Products To Sell

10. YouTube to Rank

11. Convert Articles into Videos

12. Be Google's Friend

13. The Heart and Soul of Page 1

14. How To Make a Living

15. People On Your Site = Money



Resources from Course

Lesson 1 – Long Tail Pro

Lesson 2 – Bluehost

Lesson 3 – Canva | Unsplash | Pixabay

Lesson 4 – WordPress

Lesson 5 – SPI Pro Theme/Genesis Framework

Lesson 6 – iWriter

Lesson 7 –  IFTTT

Lesson 8 – IFTTT Applets

Lesson 9 – Amazon Associates | Genius Links

Lesson 10 – YouTube

Lesson 11 – Content Samurai

Lesson 12 – Google Analytics | Search Console | AdSense

Lesson 13 – Yoast SEO

Lesson 14 – ConvertKit

Lesson 15 – Monumetric


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