Acekid Animal Finger Puppets



  • MUTIPLE CHOICE – 10 animal finger puppets contain cow, frog, rabbit, elephant, squirrels, panda, duck, hippo, bear, do; 6 people family members contain grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, brother, sister.
  • DURABLA & SOFT MADE – Finger Puppets Set with durable and soft velvet fabrics, double fabric; exquisite hand-made finger puppets.
  • FOND PRENT-CHILD TIME – These Finger Puppets Set is a good parent-kid interaction toy as you can play with them together.It will help you approach your baby kids and family. Parents can delight the baby in cradle and teach the older one to recognize the puppets and tell them stories with this adorable Finger Puppets Set.
  • BEST EDUCATIONAL TOYS – Educational Finger Puppets Set toys for children over 0 in many occasions, such as story time, shows, playtime, schools and so on. Every kids will love it.
  • BRILLIANT GIFT CHOICE – No hesitate to use this adorable Finger Puppets Set to delight your baby Kid


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