How Do I Refer Teachers For Companies I Don’t Teach For?

How Do I Refer Teachers For Companies I Don’t Teach For?

How can you get a teacher referral link for an ESL company you have never taught for? In the video and transcript below, I will answer this question to help you earn that online teaching referral bonus for your respective company.

Video Transcript

Today's question is from someone who read my recent posts about the DaDa referral earnings and they had a question about referrals. I'll read it to you now and then we'll get to the bottom of it, all right?


“Hey, Jason. I'm from the UK. Just wondering how you got referral links for VIP Kids and Magic Ears, et cetera as they only hire North Americans, thanks.”


Okay. Well, I'm pretty sure Magic Ears hire more than North Americans, but VIP Kids for sure just hire North Americans.

Obviously, I started referring for DaDa because I've been teaching for DaDa so I have my referral link as a teacher so that's nice and easy. But to get companies outside of the ones that you teach for, that's a little trickier. There's some where you can do it if you're not a teacher, for instance, PalFish.

All you have to do is sign up on your phone, create a profile and then you have your referral link and you get about $20 per new teacher hire.

So that's good.

Magic Ears, I think they used to do it, but I'm not sure if they do anymore. What they used to do was if you sign up, you get your referral link and every time you get someone to send over their CV you get $10, which is insane.

I think they must've stopped that now because they must have been absolutely leaking money. If they're still doing it, jump on, but I don't think they are.

But yeah, to get all these other companies, what you have to do is become somewhat of an influencer and you have to build a platform. Obviously, my platform is and the YouTube channel. But gets a good amount of traffic each month so that's like good bargaining power for me.

Luckily I've written an extensive post on how to build up a platform below:

Magic Ears Referral Bonus

So what I would do is I'd find these companies through their websites, just through Google searching.

And if I couldn't find their contact information, there's a great tool called where you can just search the website and it will find any email addresses connected to the website. So that's a good way to contact a company for outreach.

And you know, when you ask them nicely and prove that you've got a good platform, be it Instagram, be it Facebook, or whatever, anything where you've got a lot of followers, that's really important.

Because obviously if they see those followers, they see the dollar signs. So that's really important.

And what you do is you just ask them. Say, “I am interested in referring for you, da da da da da.” And some of them, they don't get back to you. Some of them do, but it takes them a while. And if they do, then great. And then you discuss it and figure out a way to do it.

Some companies don't have a referral link system, so there's other ways to do it. I'll go into that another time.

So unfortunately it's not as easy as doing the PalFish one. I find it's very difficult to refer PalFish teachers, very difficult. Because I'm guilty of it myself, like whenever I've got to make a profile on something. I'll, “Yeah, I'll do it later, I'll do it later.” And then you've moved on in your life. So that's a stumbling block there. It's quite hard to refer PalFish teachers, for me anyway.

Let me know if you're having more success in the comments below.

So really good question.

To sum it up:

To get affiliate links for other online teaching companies, you're going to need to build a following, a platform, do a nice email outreach and hey presto. You might find yourself with a referral link. But yeah, it'll take a while to build up.

But yeah, you asked it, I answered it. That's how you do it. And that's what AskDigiNo's all about.

And if you'd like to ask me a question, then I'll leave the link down below:

Magic Ears Referral Bonus

It's nice and easy. Ask your question in the contact form. And if the question is relevant and it's not just a one-worder, then I'll make a video of it, and you'll get featured on it.

Click the image below to check my report of my online teaching referral earnings:

Magic Ears Referral Bonus



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