Robot Sidekicks for Teachers – Anki Cozmo and Vector

Robot Sidekicks for Teachers – Anki Cozmo and Vector

Robots are cool. And I can't be the only teacher that has dreamed about having a robot sidekick in my online classroom.

And now it is possible with Anki Robots Cozmo and Vector!

Which is very bad news for puppets.

“Jason, what do you mean ‘Robot Sidekick'?”

From undertaking chores to scheduling, Anki robots are an advanced AI that surprisingly simulates human characteristics to make for a fun time…as well as aid in learning!

Anki Robot Cozmo and Anki Robot Vector have been classified in 2 distinct ways, but they can be mostly considered as Robot Educational toys.

New Gadgets for Education

The Anki Robot Sidekick is not just a toy, though designed as one. The two distinct ways in which it is classified are – as an educational and fun toy for kids – this is the Anki Robot Cozmo.

However, there is also the Anki Robot Vector – which is designed as an actual robot sidekick for your home. In this article, I'll go into what these robots can actually do…the purpose of these gadgets…and how they can be handy for your online classes or at home.

Let's take a look!

Anki Robot Cozmo

Anki Robot Sidekicks for Teachers



Starting with the Anki Robot Cozmo, it can be clearly seen from its presentation, it is designed for kids.

The Latest Technology Gadgets Used for Education

The Anki Robot Sidekick is a cool toy for kids to hang out with, play games and even learn through the toy.

That is not all, it has a stylistic look that is appealing and attractive to kids. This is a gadget that they will not get tired of playing with for a very long time. With the purchase of the Anki Robot Cozmo, one gets 1 Anki Cozmo Robot, 3 Cubes and a Charger which is a USB cable power adapter.

The AI Robot dimensions are 7.2 x 5 x 8 (L X W X H) inches and it is around 1 pound in weight. It comes in either Red and White or Blue and White colors. To break down some of the stylistic features, here is an in-depth explanation of each of them:

Key Features

-Personality Traits

Anki Robot Cozmo is a supercomputer like no other. The advanced AI in the robot gives it human-like characteristics. It can thus display and express emotions much like a human being and can express many personality traits.

That’s not all, it will learn and know the owners face, name and even some of their traits. The best part is that it evolves the more you continue to hang out.

-Smart Toy or Tool?

It is designed with over 300 parts that make up one very smart toy or tool, depending on how you spend time with it.

It does not just move around, it gets curious and starts exploring!  Moreover, the Anki Robot Cozmo has been equipped with a Code Lab which is a great tool for coders. This is what makes Cozmo an awesome educational gadget.

Anki Robot Sidekicks for Teachers


-Other Fascinating Specs

While the Anki Robot Cozmo is designed to be for kids, there are some more awesome features. Some of these features include the ability to play with the robot. It’s also a game playing machine with many skill games that constantly update.

It also has an explorer feature that lets you guide the AI Robot through different environments, whether at night or during the day.

Other features include its compatibility with different Operating Systems. It is compatible with both Android and iOS via the free Cozmo app.

It has also undergone the test of time and security, proving the robot is durable.

Check Cozmo out on Amazon here.

Now let's check out Cozmo's more mature brother…

Anki Robot Vector

Anki Robot Sidekicks for TeachersCHECK PRICES


The Anki Robot Vector has got so many elements that this article cannot fully cover.

It can communicate, feel, hear, think, see and self-charge.

Cool Gadgets for Men, Women and Kids!

This is the perfect companion for hanging out and help around the home no matter your age or gender.

It has got lively personified characteristic traits and it is engaged by either sight, sound or by touch.

Among some of the tasks it can help out with will include:

  • Timing dinner
  • Showing the weather forecast
  • Taking photos
  • And even answering questions.

It's like a moving Google Home or Amazon Echo!

The Anki Robot Vector measure 3.9 x 2.4 x 2.7 (L X W X H) inches and weighs around 2 pounds.

Key Features

Capable and Smart AI

Anki Robot Vector is cloud-connected. This, therefore, makes the AI readily and always updating, and eventually leading the toy to learn new skills and gaining new features.


This an AI Robot like no other. It is aware of its surroundings and will even move around avoiding obstacles and will self-charge. The Anki Robot Vector will also recognize people.

Other Smart Features

Since this one is mostly designed to help around the home and hang out, some of its capabilities aren't as educational for kids as Cozmo. Regarldess, the Anki Robot Vector is always happy to help. Pose a question to the AI Robot and you will get an answer – so it makes a great ESL talking topic in your classroom! 

Anki Robot Sidekicks for Teachers

This Anki Robot Sidekick has got a lively personality that seemingly brings the robot to life. The robot is attentive and is also curious to know the surrounding. The technology incorporated on the Anki Robot Vector is one-of-a-kind. It is also compatible with both Android and iOS and includes a free Vector app for set up.

Included with the purchase of the Anki Robot Vector is 1 Vector Robot, 1 Cube, and a Charger.


The Anki Robot Sidekicks are more than the AI you see in the movies. They are supercomputers that will make life fun and interesting through games, learning and hang out sessions. You will have no more boring days or online classes with your new robot buddy.

And finally, remember when I said at the beginning of the article that ‘robots are cool'?

I stand by that statement.

Check out both robots on Amazon by clicking the buttons below:

Anki Robot Cozmo


Anki Robot Vector


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