SayABC Hiring Process (All You Need To Know)

SayABC Hiring Process (All You Need To Know)

The following is a guide from a SayABC teacher.

I was recently hired with SayABC and I would like share the hiring process.

SayABC Application Process

The application process is the basic process for most online schools.

You will provide the following:

  • Education Teaching qualifications( TEFL/TESOL/CELTA, DELTA/MA etc)
  • Teaching Experience
  • Nationality and country of residence

For more requirement information, click the image below:

SayABC Hiring Process

I appreciated how much they communicate with you during the process. You know when they receive your application and if your application is accepted.

Getting Hired by SayABC

If you pass the initial screening, you will be able schedule an interview or submit a recorded interview.

I personally chose an interview. My recruiter was professional and was available to answer all my questions.

Both options are available on the website.

SayABC Hiring Process – From Interview to Getting Hired!

  1. The interview takes place on the teaching platform.

  2. The interview will include a short demo to showcase your teaching abilities.

  3. The materials are available to you before the interview.

  4. This is a very short demo where you teach your recruiter.

  5. When you pass the interview you will receive an email explaining the next two steps.

  6. One will be a self guided orientation that gives you an opportunity to understand how they want their material taught.

  7. This will take the time because they are short videos that are followed by short quizzes.

  8. The second step is an evaluation class of 40min with students (between 1-4).

  9. The materials are available 24hours before the class for you to review.

  10. You will receive an email with what they like and didn't like about your class.

  11. If you don't pass, don't worry you will be able to book another evaluation class on the website.

  12. You can do it right away or wait as long as you need.

  13. After a successful evaluation class you will provide your bank information, additional forms and chose your class slot time.

  14. Although there is no minimum hours they do recommend that you chose Homeroom slots.

  15. The Homeroom classes are on two days . These take scheduling priority.

I hope this information helps!

Click below for a SayABC review from a current teacher:

SayABC Hiring Process

Or start the hiring process below:

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