SayABC Pay – How Much Can You Earn as a SayABC Teacher?

SayABC Pay – How Much Can You Earn as a SayABC Teacher?

How Much Can You Earn as a SayABC Teacher?

What’s the first question you ask when you’re considering applying for any new job?

If you’re like most people, it’s probably something along the lines of ‘how much does it pay?’.

Unfortunately, when it comes to online teaching jobs like SayABC, the answer to this question is seldom straightforward.

There’s usually no guarantee of consistent bookings, which leaves you guessing how much you’ll really take home each month. On top of that, you’ll often have to think about tax, bonuses, and other factors influencing your ‘true’ pay rate.

To help you to get a clearer picture of how much you can earn as a SayABC teacher, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the SayABC pay rate.

SayABC Basic Pay

The SayABC basic pay rate is $15 per 40-minute class. That’s the minimum amount you can possibly earn for teaching a class, excluding all bonuses.

That’s actually a very respectable rate even without the bonuses, as it averages out at around $22.50 per teaching hour – emphasis on the ‘teaching’, as you’ll almost certainly have a break in between classes.

SayABC Booking Rate

That basic pay rate is no good if you never actually get any teaching hours though, so the natural next question is ‘how many teaching hours will I get with SayABC?’

Well, you’re not given a fixed-hour contract, and you set your own schedule, so there’s no guarantee of consistent bookings. That being said, according to the official SayABC website, 90% of SayABC teachers can expect to teach four hours per day. This means that you can probably expect to earn $60 per day.

The maximum number of classes you can teach per week is also capped at 32, which means you can earn $480 per week, maximum.

SayABC Pay

SayABC Attendance Bonus

On top of your basic pay, all teachers are eligible for a generous attendance bonus of $4 per class. To get this, you need to teach 9 classes in a row without any absences.

That’s pretty easy to achieve – you just need to do your job. Therefore, you can pretty much expect to get it for almost every lesson, which brings your total SayABC pay rate up to $19 per 40 minutes ($28.50 per hour).

But the fun doesn’t end there…

SayABC Trial Class Bonus

The SayABC trial class bonus is an additional incentive given to teachers who teach a student for a trial who then signs up for a course.

Per converted student, you earn an additional $8.

The trial class bonus is less of a given, so I wouldn’t recommend accounting for it in your budget. Some months you might get no trial class bonuses, and in others, you might get 10 or even more. It really depends on:

  1. Luck
  2. How good your teaching is
  3. How many trial classes you actually teach

If you don’t account for it, when you do get a trial class bonus, it’s a nice treat!

Click below for a SayABC review from a teacher:

SayABC pay

SayABC Referral Bonus

A final bonus to mention is the SayABC referral bonus, which you can bag by referring friends or family members to the platform. For every person that applies to and starts teaching with SayABC, you earn an extra $100 (or more, depending on the number of referrals each month).

If you’re looking for some tips on how to get more referrals, you can learn how I earn referral bonuses here.

SayABC Conversion Fees

A final thing to take note of when estimating how much you can earn with SayABC is any financial deductions you might incur.

The first thing to consider here is conversion fees.

SayABC pays out in dollars, so, if you’re in a country outside of the US, you’re probably going to need to convert that to a different currency. That comes with fees.

SayABC pays out by direct bank transfer, so your bank will usually convert it for you automatically. They’ll use their own exchange rate but it will usually be (slightly) weighted in their favor.

This means that the conversion you get from Google might be a bit optimistic. All banks are different, though, so it’s worth contacting yours to ask about fees and exchange rates for international payments in different currencies.

SayABC and TransferWise

TransferWise would be a good option for reducing fees when receiving your SayABC pay. You can check out a tutorial by clicking the image below:

TransferWise and SayABC – To Receive Your SayABC Pay With Lower Fees


SayABC Tax

With SayABC, you’re also hired as an independent contractor, so you’re responsible for your own tax. Again, all countries have different tax laws, so I can’t give you specific numbers there.

Here are some tips I can give you though:

  • Remember that your total taxable earnings will usually include any other jobs you have too, so add your SayABC pay to any other full-time or part-time job income you have.
  • Remember that, even if you’re living in a different country, you may still have to pay tax to your home state
  • Some of your income will be bonuses, so make sure you know how bonuses are taxed in your home country.

If you’ve not got time for all that, and you’re just looking for a rough estimate of your total income after deductions, maybe take off around 10% of your wage to account for conversion fees and tax. That might be a little pessimistic, but it’s better to underestimate than overestimate!

SayABC Maximum Earning Potential

Taking all of the above together, here’s how your maximum earning potential looks:

  • A maximum hourly rate of $28.50 per hour
  • Plus trial class conversion and referral bonuses (probably $100 or less per month)
  • Minus a little for tax and conversion fees
  • A maximum weekly cap of around $750 based on maximum allowed teaching hours.

All in all, not too shabby!

If you'd like to apply, then click the button below:

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How Does SayABC Pay Compare to Other Online Teaching Companies?

Now that we have a pretty good picture of how much SayABC pays, let’s look at how it compares with three other of the most popular online ESL platforms.


Here are the key stats about how much VIPKID pay:

  • Basic pay rate: $7-$9 per 25-minute class
  • Per class bonus of $1 for punctuality
  • Per class bonus of $1 for teaching more than 45 classes per month
  • Trial class conversion bonus: $5

Right off the bat, it seems that SayABC has the more attractive pay package.

The maximum hourly earning potential (teaching hours; excluding the trial class bonus) of VIPKID is just $21, compared to SayABC’s $28.

The trial class bonus is also a little less; $5 compared to $8.

VIPKID also have much more strict hiring requirements compared to SayABC.

SayABC vs DaDa

Now let’s look at how much DaDa pay:

  • Basic pay range: $15 – $25 per hour
  • Trial class conversion bonus: 50 RMB (around $7)

Again, SayABC seems to win on pay, with a better hourly rate and bonus structure.

However, it’s worth mentioning that DaDa does also give out reward points for other things like attendance and performance, which can be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes…however, there have been many complaints that the gift cards are low-stocked, thus making the reward points meaningless for most teachers.

SayABC Pay

SayABC vs PalFish

And finally, here’s how much PalFish pay:

  • Basic pay starts at 50 RMB per 25 minutes (around $17 per hour)
  • The possibility of pay rise up to 70 RMB per 25 minutes (around $24 per hour)
  • Per class punctuality bonus of 5 RMB ($0.70)
  • Perfect attendance bonus of 200 RMB ($29)
  • Trial class conversion bonus of 200 RMB ($20)

As you can see, there are lots of bonuses available here, which makes the PalFish pay package pretty good – but it still doesn’t quite match SayABC.

Nonetheless, you can check out a PalFish teacher's review here.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

That’s all we’ve got time for in this article – but we’ve got plenty more information elsewhere on the site.

If you’re looking to learn more about other aspects of teaching for SayABC, you can start by checking out our in-depth comparison with DaDa here.

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Good luck!

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