SayABC – PROs and CONs [Teaching ESL Online for SayABC Review]

SayABC – PROs and CONs [Teaching ESL Online for SayABC Review]

Here is a SayABC Review from a teachers' perspective.

For anyone researching all the companies currently hiring online English teachers, it can be daunting to sort through pages of positive and negative reviews.

Coupled with the fact that several companies have similar hours and requirements, after a while most places start to sound the same. But SayABC is different and working for this company reinvigorated my passion for teaching English! If you're looking for a new opportunity, I hope my review will be helpful to you!

Here is a short video summary of the review:

And for more information, read below!

SayABC Review

I joined SayABC after hearing about their interactive group classes. I was intrigued with how music, games, and cooperation among classmates could support student learning outcomes. After my first day of classes and seeing how my new students responded to the lessons, I knew that joining SayABC was the right decision for me.

SayABC stands out from other companies because they care about providing excellent service to the students and treating their teachers well. From the application process to receiving my first Homerooms, I have been impressed with SayABC's commitment to teachers and I am excited to share more about what makes this company great!

In no particular order, here are several of my favorite things about SayABC:

  • The hiring staff is friendly and efficient.
  • The 40 minute classes are entertaining.
  • The pay structure is easy to understand.
  • The teacher training is detailed.
  • They offer completion and seasonal incentive bonuses.
  • The schedule includes ten minute breaks between classes.
  • They do not require teachers to wear a specific color on camera.
  • They have liaisons, who are also teachers, to answer questions with information that has been verified by the company.
  • And SayABC's payments are processed on or before the 15th of each month. So even after Golden Week, my deposit arrived EARLY!

But SayABC isn't perfect. For anyone curious about joining the company, here are a few pros and cons to consider:


1. The interactive platform.

SayABC offers a unique classroom experience for students and teachers with the company's interactive platform. Students can listen to songs, play games, draw on the screen, and even participate in competitions with their peers. These tools augment the learning process by providing opportunities to practice critical thinking, repetition reading, and the best part–the students are learning while they are having FUN!

2. Diversity

They hire teachers based on their teaching ability…and not on their race, religion or background. This is a very important thing to note in the growing online teaching space as SayABC seeks to right the wrongs of other companies with their diversity.

3. The class size

SayABC allows between 1-4 students to enroll in each Homeroom. It might sound overwhelming for someone used to teaching one-on-one, but I found it to be a welcome change. As the Homeroom progresses, the student groups become a little community and they enjoying learning English with their friends. For a teacher, it requires a bit of organization to ensure that you dedicate equal participation time to each student, but a group setting seems to inspire more engagement and lots of laughter during the lesson.

4. The USD pay scale.

With SayABC's USD pay scale, many teachers no longer have to worry about “losing” money due to the declining value of another currency. SayABC's payment structure is simple: Teachers can earn up to $21 per regular class and $22 per class as a substitute teacher. There are no more questions about what your check will be on payday because the system keeps a running total after each day of work.

Click below to discover the best way to receive your SayABC pay:


5. Friendly Support

Being able to communicate with the SayABC headquarters in a friendly and efficient way is something that really makes them stand out from other companies…where the support system can be frustrating at best!


SayABC Pros and Cons



1. They need an app.

If teachers are accustomed to the convenience of reviewing schedules, requesting time off, and checking in and out for work on a phone, they will miss that with SayABC. The company has an app in development but the release date is unknown. SayABC is great about communicating your schedule and new announcements by email, but for everything else you'll have to open the program on your teaching device.

2. The Help Desk communicates through Skype

Instead of chatting with IT or Help directly in the SayABC platform, teachers first submit a help ticket through the classroom then wait to be contacted with the resolution via Skype. This is not to say that this process doesn't work, but for teachers already concerned about computer performance while running the teaching platform and ManyCam, having one more program open is objectionable.

3. The lesson must be completed during class.

SayABCs lessons contain approximately 30 slides and teachers are expected to complete the lesson in 40 minutes. For teachers trained to work at the student's pace, this is a change of practice. After you account for the titles, greeting, rules, and goodbye slides, there are about 25 slides of content that must be covered during the lesson, regardless if each student has made adequate progress on previous material.
This last comment is less of a “con” and more of an opportunity to put your teacher super powers to the test:

4. Learning curve for new teachers adjusting to 4 students in class

There is no gradual transition from one-to-more students, so there may be a bit of a learning curve with this dynamic. Parents and SayABC expect each student to receive equal time interacting with the teacher and on-screen activities, so tracking participation and rewards is very important.

The company tries to match students at similar English levels but there isn't a way to account for personalities. It can be challenging to provide equal time for a confident student and an insecure student, or between those students who seek attention and those who shy away.

5. Students talking at once

Inevitably there are activities that seem to encourage students talking over one another and coloring the screen at the same time.
Thankfully SayABC offers blanket options to silence the speaker/turn off the mouse/send a reward that you can apply to the entire class when things get a little disorderly!
Even with the small improvements that could be made, the pros vastly outweigh the cons and I am so glad I joined SayABC!

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