Are You New To Online Teaching?

Are You New To Online Teaching?

Not sure what to expect?

Follow my FREE step-by-step guide video course where I teach you how to get hired with a HIGH hourly rate of pay.

My name is Jason and I'm an online teacher mentor.Get hired as an online teacher

I know exactly what it takes to get hired as an online teacher with a HIGH hourly rate…because I decide how much applicants get paid.

I want to give you the best possible chance to get hired with a great starting pay…because when I started, I was given a low hourly rate (sigh) – And it so easily could have been avoided!

Here's an image to display your potential hourly pay rate for DaDa (DaDaABC) without doing the the proper preparation:


get hired as an online teacher

Cost of Course = FREE


Your hourly rate is so important to get as high as possible at the beginning, because wage raises at DaDaABC only happen once a year…and only go up by $1.

However, with my FREE course, you can get hired with a high hourly rate…and you won't believe how easy it is to do!

How Do I Take the FREE Course?

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Introducing ‘Get Hired as an Online Teacher’

‘Get Hired as an Online Teacher' is designed to ease your worries and land you
the job! (And get the highest possible pay from your demo class).

The Course

There are 3 modules each with 3 short video lessons. Each module comes
with a PDF worksheet with exercises to practice the methods from the course.

PLUS: I’ve included  bonus videos including tips on what you need in your Resume/C.V, as well as a case study with a successful applicant.


Module 1: How To Get An Interview

– Resume/C.V. Breakdown – Exactly what to put on your Resume/C.V. Even
if you’ve got little to no teaching experience, I’ll show you how to use what
you’ve got to grab their attention.


– BONUS ONE: The Resume/C.V I used to get the job!
– BONUS TWO: Case study – how I helped an applicant go from
unemployed to working with DaDaABC.

Requirements for DaDaABC:

• Native English speaker
• A laptop
• Good internet connection
• A headset/headphones mic
• A degree

Module 2: How To Ace Your Interview

– Interview Prep – everything you need to know (but can’t find out on your
own) about the interview process. The steps you need to take to prepare.


– Questions schools ask to their interviewees.
– Demo Class – what it is, how it works and what to expect.
– Preparing you for the next module get the high pay.

Module 3: How to get the Highest Pay!

Demo Class Prep – extremely important. Guiding you on how to teach a REAL LIFE student.
– Using TPR – what it is, why it’s important, exactly how to do it.
Engaging the Student – how to keep every child engaged. What to do if a
student is bored with your class.
– Course Material (Expansion)– what it is and how to use it to make your
lesson stand out to the interviewer.

This is a critical module, so here is more information on it:

The Demo Class: This is what decides if you get the job AND how much
you’ll get paid! Most teachers mess this up because they don’t know how
to prepare properly.

Total Physical Response TPR: This is THE MOST important part of being a ESL teacher and the way to impress (it’s easier than you think, I’ll show you

Engaging Students: Keeping it fun and engaging! It's more than just teaching English…you need to develop intonation and cross-cultural communication. This can only be done if the student is engaged and willing to talk.

Courseware Expansion: It's all about the improv! You don't want to just read course material like a robot…but what is the correct way to expand on the material?

Using Props: Keeping engagement of students gets a lot easier when you have props! But which ones to use? And how can you use them effectively?

Enrol Now and Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired!

With insider knowledge you don’t have to worry about what to expect or
making a good impression, because you’ll know EXACTLY what to say, do
and bring to your interview and classroom.



Below are reviews from applicants who took the course and successfully got hired!

get hired as an online teacher

get hired as an online teacher

get hired as an online teacher

get hired as an online teacher


Get Hired as an Online Teacher Here!


If you wish to enquire about anything related to the course, please use the contact form below:

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