SinceWin – Teaching ESL Online to a Classroom of 15-25 Students

SinceWin – Teaching ESL Online to a Classroom of 15-25 Students


SinceWin teaches ESL Online to kindergarten children, ages ranging from 3-6.

They hire non-native speakers as well as native speakers, provided they have a neutral accent. 

Teaching at SinceWin requires you to do standing TPR, as opposed to classic TPR.

You will be projected on a large screen in a classroom of 15-25 students. There will be a teacher present in the physical classroom to assist.

SinceWin is currently not part of the DigiNo Charity Project to help build schools in third-world countries. To apply to the teaching jobs involved in the project, click the image below:


SinceWin Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or above (Education, linguistics or English degree preferred)
  • Accept both Native and Non-native English Speakers with neutral accent
  • Child-friendly personality
  • Patience
  • Experienced teaching background
  • Minimum 1 hour a week commitment (2 25-min classes)
  • 6 months minimum contract


Technical Requirements


Hiring Process

  • Resume screening
  • Interview performance
  • Qualification review
  • Course test
  • Assessment score
  • Pre-job training

SinceWin Pay

Minimum: $16
Maximum: $30



SinceWin Apply

Currently not hiring

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