Take Spanish Lessons on Skype (Free 1-on-1 Class)

Take Spanish Lessons on Skype (Free 1-on-1 Class)

In a world of convenience, why would you ever choose to inconvenience yourself?

Everything you need is available online now. It has been for a while, actually. Just in case you’ve not been paying attention these last 20 years… 

Many Online ESL companies will allow you to take their classes online, but they’ll often insist you download their own video hosting client. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just take classes over Skype? Well I hope you think the answer is ‘yes’, because I’m going to spend our short time together today attempting to nudge you towards that exact position… 

Spanish lessons and Skype? 

Spanish lessons are some of the most sought after language lessons on the internet today. 

I’m assuming you’re also interested in learning Spanish, otherwise I’m not sure why you would choose to read a post called ‘Take Spanish Lessons on Skype’.

Of course, the other part of that title which might have caught your eye is the ‘on Skype’ part.

The appeal of online ESL classes, particularly Spanish lessons, which don’t require you to download some native client you have never heard of before is clear.

The fewer obstacles between you and your classes, the better your learning.

So if you found an online ESL company which allowed you to take your classes over Skype, that would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? The answer is yes. Yes it would.

Spanish Lessons on Skype with Live Lingua

Live Lingua has caught the eye of many an ESL connoisseur of late, given their willingness to teach over Skype. 

They offer Spanish lessons over Skype in the same vein of larger ESL companies offering them over their own video hosting platforms. 

The advantages to having this available over Skype are obvious – you don’t need to download any extra clients, you don’t need to trust your details to any other third parties, and you don’t need to stress about where your data is going.

What  does Live Lingua offer (besides Skype-based Spanish lessons)?

Obviously the main appeal is the student’s ability to take the classes without added software.

But there are a variety of reasons students are flocking to Live Lingua as we speak. Well, not speak… ‘read’, I guess? 

Live Lingua hand pick certified native teachers, allowing you to receive Spanish lessons from the comfort of your home without worrying about credentials. 

You won’t need to pay outlandish tutor rates in order to get classes, and you won’t be held back by the abilities of the slowest learners in a class (nor pushed to the speed of the most advanced). 

You move at your own pace.

You will not be required to make tedious travel plans for each lesson, either. Your commute will be as long as it takes you to boot up your webcam.

How do Live Lingua achieve these Spanish Lessons on Skype?

Live Lingua pairs you up with teachers who best fit your style of learning and ability level.

They employ class coordinators to ensure you get matched up with the perfect teacher, who will tailor your education to your needs.

They do not offer what they call a ‘generic baseline evaluation’. 

This means that you will be asked what you want to study, and your education will be tailored to your intentions. 

If you just want to get to grips with the finer points of grammar, or if you don’t know so much as a single Spanish word, then Live Lingua has you covered either way. 

Signing up for Live Lingua doesn’t have the roadblocks you’re accustomed to

So many ESL companies require you to give every ounce of your effort just to get through the registration process. 

Live Lingua simply ask you to ‘tell them about yourself’, then be matched up by the class coordinator. 

Then you’ll be given a totally free thirty minute class, and be offered the ability to book future classes once your first one is finished. 

Using Skype for your Spanish lessons

As we’ve touched upon, one of the main draws bringing people to Live Lingua is the ability to take Spanish lessons over Skype. 

It is such a simple and clever idea that I can’t understand why more services are not offering it. 

By using a reliable third party who you probably already have experience with, Live Lingua remove the necessity for you to download more software than is already sitting on your device. 

You can start taking Spanish lessons with Live Lingua today, if you wanted, potentially without having to download a single programme. 

So many ESL companies think they’re cutting out the middleman by hosting their own video services, but in reality it is just another thing to go wrong. 

By cleverly using Skype, Live Lingua can focus their resources on the teachers and the students. 

You literally just have to download Skype, assuming you don’t have it already… 

It couldn’t be more simple. This is the internet equivalent of having a Spanish tutor turn up at your house. 

Skype is such a universal program that most of you reading this probably already have it sitting on your laptop. Sure, it might not have had much use recently (where on earth did Zoom come from, and how is it now the MC of conference-based working?) but you probably have it.

If you don’t, then it is a simple trip to their homepage to download it. Then head over to Live Lingua’s simple registration process and you can be receiving Spanish lessons over Skype by the end of the day. 

So take Spanish lessons on Skype with Live Lingua today

You can be taking Spanish lessons over Skype in as much time as it took you to read this post. 

All you need to do is download Skype (assuming you don't already have it) and fill out the Live Lingua registration process. 

It is as simple as Uno, dos… I’ve forgotten the rest. Maybe I should take some Spanish lessons over Skype? If only there was somewhere I could do that… 

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