Spitball – Teach Adults Online and Set Your Own Rate of Pay

Spitball – Teach Adults Online and Set Your Own Rate of Pay


Pay: Unlimited
Certificate: Not required
Education: Not required
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What is Spitball?

  • Get your own teaching site equipped with all the tools to sell content, create subscriptions and teach students online
  • Interactive online teaching platform for up to 50 adult students within a class
  • Integrated payments and scheduling systems

Spitball Requirments

An ability to teach your chosen subject.

No degree, certificate or teaching experience required.

How to Sign up as a Spitball Teacher

First thing is head to the Spitball website. Then click “Start Teaching” and fill in your email and choose a password or sign in with your Google account.

You will be sent an activation email.

Then enter your mobile phone number and you will be sent a different code. Enter this code and then you're in!

Making your profile

Fill in your information and remember that this is what the students will see and on what basis they will select you as their tutor. Here are a couple tips to put together your best profile:

  • Price – You choose your own price, but remember, the students choose their tutors based on, among other things, the price. So look at the prices other tutors offer on the site and try to find the price that suits you. You can always change it. 🙂
  • Picture – Choose a profile photo that really represents you as a tutor.
  • Opening sentence and bio – This will give the student a sense of you as a tutor and what to expect from your classes
  • Connect to calendar – All your sessions will be updated automatically to your Google calendar.

Spitball Pay

You determine your hourly rate during registering on Spitball. You can adjust this any time after creating your profile.

An example rate is between $10 – $50 per student per class. 

spitball teacher
  • Spitball takes a 9% commission per transaction.  
  • You will receive payment within 48 hours of your session. In the future, you may have the option to choose to receive the pay on a daily basis or once per month. 
  • Spitball uses PayPal which charges a processing fee of approximately 2% – 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.
  • Paying tax is a teacher's own responsibility because tutors listed on Spitball are independent.  

Spitball's Ranking Algorithm (for students to find your classes)

  • Spitball's ranking algorithm is based on your tutor rating. 
  • Spitball is an academic marketplace, therefore students are looking for academic content.
  • A high percentage of tutor bookings on the Spitball platform comes from students who contact tutors after viewing their content, such as uploaded course specific study documents
  • The more active you are with catering to students needs, the more likely you are to get bookings.

To climb to the top of the tutor list you may need to improve your ranking. Here's how:

  • Teach more hours on Spitball
  • Have recurring lessons with students
  • Receive high ratings from students
  • Respond to your students messages within 1 hour
  • Have a conversion rate over 20% of student leads into sessions

Currently on Spitball it is more viable to gain students if you already have an existing audience of students built up. Ways of doing this include using a list building service such as ConvertKit, so you can notify to students when you are running a class.

Sign up to Spitball!


Pay: Unlimited
Certificate: Not required
Education: Not required
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