Tablet Stand For Mobile ESL Teaching

Tablet Stand For Mobile ESL Teaching

The flexibility of  teaching on mobile ESL apps such as PalFish is second-to-none.

You can kick back in a chair with tablet in hand as you chat and earn. However, there may be some situations, where teaching online at your desk is what is needed.

Maybe you want to show your student something, or demonstrate a topic with your hands or body language. And it's no good having to hold your tablet in this circumstance! That's why for this situation, I've tracked down a great tablet stand on Amazon to give you even more freedom whilst teaching online via mobile device!

Lamicall Tablet Stand



Compatibility of Lamicall Tablet Stand

Compatible with Tablets such as:

Tablet Stand For Mobile ESL Teaching


Design Specifications

  • Easily adjustable for both horizontal and vertical placement.
  • Made with rubber pads to protect tablet from scratches caused by sliding.
  • Also made from spaceflight Al-Ti alloy steel material which makes for durability as well as lighter weight.
  • You also have lifetime warranty from Lamicall when you purchase on Amazon.


Perfect for whatever you want to use it for!

It's not just for teaching! The stand is perfect for kicking back and watching a few YouTube videos or a movie after you finish class.

So click the button below to find the stand on Amazon:



And you can find out my recommendations for the best tablets for online teaching by clicking the image below! Afterall, you'll need a tablet for the stand to hold:

Tablet Stand


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