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Magic Ears vs GoGoKid – Which Online ESL Company Should I Choose Next?

Companies mentioned in this article : It is very important in the online ESL teaching industry to have your eggs in more than one basket. Many teachers begin using VIPKID as their first company but when it is time to add a second company, I find teachers often thinking about Magic Ears or GoGoKid. I […]

3 Reasons Why I Love Working for Gogokid (Teacher Andy Review)

The following is a review by Gogokid Teacher – Andy Grow. As you have probably noticed, the world of online teaching has caught on fire in the last few years.  Online teaching is becoming more popular and and even a full time career for some teachers.  This growth of the online teaching industry will, of […]

What Young Travelers Do For an Income (Gogokid Review)

So many people have the desire to travel but not the means to do so. Finishing college I knew I did not want to be stuck in a typical 9-5 (or 7-3 – my case as a teacher). I wanted the flexibility to move around when I wanted, to visit with family, and ultimately to […]

Gogokid Online Teaching [Requirements, Pay and Schedule]

The following is an information article from a Gogokid online ESL teacher. Gogokid started off slow for me, it took approximately 3 weeks to get booked…but now I’m always fully booked for any slots that I open and I love it! Here is some of the key information you’ll need to start teaching with Gogokid: […]

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