7 Cool Ways To Upgrade Your Online ESL Classroom

Let’s Optimize your online teaching classroom. Below is a list to 5 resources that will give a serious boost to your teaching using technology. Online ESL is all about the future of education, so if you are a tech-fanatic like me, you may find this interesting: ManyCam for Online ESL ManyCam can transform your classroom […]

4 Best Dankmus Videos – Simpsons Scenes Remixed into Awesome Songs

A YouTuber called Dankmus has created so many awesome remixes based on Simpsons quotes. And I’ve found them to be a fun little video whilst teaching English online to play to my older students as a reward if we don’t feel like ManyCam Games. You will need to download ManyCam to play the videos in […]

Dealing with Awkward Pauses in Online Teaching

Every online ESL teacher will experience the “Awkward Pause” at some point in their teaching career. It’s part of the job, but it’s not covered in your introductory materials. In my own experiences, I have developed some fun ways of getting through these moments. I hope you can use these ideas to help you! Apply […]

3 Ways to Fix ManyCam Video Sound Issues for DaDaABC

I’ve recently been getting a lot of questions from DaDaABC teachers about sound not working when playing videos through ManyCam. Here is a written example of the issue: ‘I have been trying to work out how to play songs and although I can upload them, play and hear the songs myself, the students don’t seem […]

How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class [Requires ManyCam]

Apply to be an Online Teacher! With the new DaDaClass update being without a timer in between classes, this made it very difficult to make sure you enter the class the right time. You don’t want to be too early, and you don’t want to be late and miss out on the attendance bonus (or […]

ManyCam ‘Simon Says’ Game For Teaching ESL Online

‘Simon Says’ is an absolute classic game for ESL teaching. But with ManyCam, it just got an upgrade! This version of the game where you instruct student’s to copy your movements after saying ‘Simon Says’ is perfect for keeping DaDaABC students engaged mid-class…or can be used as a warm-up or warm-down game as well! Here […]

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