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101 Things I Wish I’d Known About Teaching Online

Hey, it’s Jason here; thanks for checking out this free online eBook…a fine choice! To create this resource, I surveyed 101 online teachers in the Online Teacher Paradise Facebook Group. I asked them the #1 thing they wish they had known before stepping into the world of online ESL. This is designed to help you […]

Total Physical Response (What is TPR? How To Use It In Teaching)

Apply to be an Online Teacher! What is TPR? It stands for Total Physical Response. And all this is, is simply over-exaggerated body language. So why is this relevant to online teaching? Well, communicating with someone who speaks a different language to you is a tricky thing. I know it is very tempting to simply […]

The Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC as an Online Teacher

Apply to be an Online Teacher! The nature of teaching part-time for DaDaABC with a good hourly rate of pay, allows for a lot of flexibility with your time. Here is a video of me talking about the subject if you prefer video content: Whilst teaching online for DaDaABC with an average weekly schedule of […]

Homework Assignment Ideas For DaDaABC Online English Teachers

If you are often sat scratching your head trying to come up with DaDaABC homework assignment ideas for your online English student, then worry no more! Here is a list of possible homework examples to keep your student improving and excited to share their progress in your next class together. 1) Pronunciation and Phonics – […]

DaDaABC Class Activity: ‘Mr Bean’ Animation [ManyCam]

If you are like me and sometimes struggle to come up with activities related to the courseware, I’m here to share with you a video and lesson plan to teach to your DaDaABC students! The lesson plan is built around a great animation from YouTube below that is relevant to multiple topics in the courseware. […]

ManyCam Fruit Guessing Game For Teaching English Online

The virtual webcam software ManyCam has made teaching online for DaDaABC an even more enjoyable experience. One example of this is the ManyCam Fruit Guessing Game. But first, if you don’t know… Read more about what ManyCam is by clicking this link. When teaching English to Chinese students online, it is so important to have […]

Why Use DigiNo to Find an Online Teaching Job?

DigiNo only lists companies in its JobMatch tool that are actually hiring and steers you towards the platforms suited to you! No more guesswork and wasted applications! Try it for yourself...

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