Star Bomb

‘Roasting Mr. Carrot’ Reward System for Online Teaching

Here is a great online teaching reward system,. You can throw in at the end of ‘Star Bomb!’… …or use it to make your DaDaABC student’s fifth star seem really epic! The video below will explain everything. Get ready to roast Mr. Carrot: Take that Mr. Carrot! Hopefully your student will laugh a lot at […]

ManyCam ‘Star Bomb!’ Game For DaDaABC

‘Star Bomb!’ is a fantastic ESL numbers game for when you find yourself overusing Hangman and TicTacToe with your DaDaABC online students. The rules of ‘Star Bomb!’ are simple. But first, you’ll need to download ManyCam to make the game possible. Click here to read all about ManyCam. The Rules of ‘Star Bomb!’ There are […]

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