Teacher Mark’s Experience With DaDa Teaching Online

Teacher Mark’s Experience With DaDa Teaching Online


Pay: $14 – $25 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree: Required
DaDa Overview


The Following is a review from Teacher Mark of DaDa.

Recently I switched from being an in-class teacher to working online for Dada ABC and teaching English to students across China. This was a decision born out of necessity.

My story began back in September 2017, when I took the monumental and life-changing leap into the ESL teaching world and I flew from London over to Vietnam, having recently gained my TEFL certificate.

It was very much a leap of faith and delving deep into the unknown in every way for me.

I suddenly found myself on the other side of the world, in a completely different environment and standing before a classroom of perhaps 40 boisterous, young students. I had never taught English before, but figured I would have to learn fast, to enable my dream of travelling and giving something back to these new communities I found myself in.

Fast forward to the start of 2020. Now with over two years teaching experience behind me and two of the most memorable years of my life, to date, spent living and working in the north-eastern city of Haiphong, Vietnam, I was leaving London again and heading back to Vietnam.

I had just spent the Autumn of 2019 fulfilling one of my childhood dreams of travelling around India and was pretty much spent-up.

I took it for granted I should get teaching work however, on my return to Vietnam. Then Covid-19 struck.

Suddenly, as every ESL teacher will know, the schools all shut and I now had a serious cash-flow problem. Then a friend told me about the lucrative and thriving career he was now having with Dada ABC, an online English teaching platform based in China.

I knew absolutely nothing about online teaching, only that I was an absolute technophobe and the mere idea of working in this way, made me shudder!

However, curiosity got the better of me and I did a little research. Then, with the weeks rolling on, schools staying shut and the realisation that this virus wasn't going away anytime soon; I began to see Dada as my possible salvation. So I applied to them and within a week I was given the good news I would now be an online English teacher.   Things have bounced from good to better for me since I made this move. 

Let me tell you exactly why:

Despite my lack of experience with online teaching, Dada ABC make my job very easy, because they have onscreen slides containing the lesson content and there are even helpful tips and notes to assist you with the content. Very little, if any pre-planning is necessary much of the time. Along with this, the teaching interface is very simple to use for both teacher and student.

I simply opened up my available time slots and they then found me students within days and within weeks they became regular students. With this comes stable hours. Plus, unlike other online teaching companies, Dada ABC only have you teaching one to one, so you don't have to worry about the technical problems that can occur if teaching to several kids at a time, not to mention that one kid that may be feeling disruptive!


Pay: $14 – $25 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree: Required
DaDa Overview



I've found online teaching a breeze and I no longer need to face the daunting prospect of standing up in-front of a huge class anymore to conduct my business. I don't just teach young kids, I also get to teach teenagers too, which can be another plus point. For as many of you might know, sometimes just teaching the ABC and singing the ‘Hello' song can get a little repetitive and it's good to challenge yourself.

In addition there are many bonuses and incentives offered along the way and the opportunity for personal growth with training courses you can access at your own will.

I might be painting a perfect picture of my online teaching experience, but it's by no means all roses in the garden. There are some downsides. For example, once you open up your time slots, even if no class is booked, you must be on stand by during your scheduled times, as sometimes they will give you a class with very little notice. So it can be a bit trying.

There are the occasional technical issues that naturally arise in this area of work, which sometimes can be very annoying! But hey, I don't mind putting up with this now and again, there are bigger things in life to deal with. 

As I type these words, many of us are in lock-down across the globe or self-isolation, including myself. Luckily for me I can still earn money from (and I know it sounds like a massive cliche) the comfort of my home. Home for me right now is an Air BNB somewhere in South-East Asia. This job allows me to stay safe from Covid-19 and still have the peace of mind I have money coming in. Even as I type, almost 3 months have passed and still the schools remain closed here. No sign of them opening just yet.

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Dada ABC have been a Godsend for me and it's so cool to get regular students you become friends with over time and you look forward to teaching! It would even seem online teaching is the way all teaching could be heading before long, so why not hop aboard.

If you're interested in becoming a Dada ABC teacher you can click on the link at the bottom of this page. A few quick things though, you will need a laptop or desktop computer with good audio and visual facilities. A TEFL certificate and clear criminal record check. Need to be a native English speaker. They also prefer applicants to have a Bachelor's Degree, although I have heard of them making exceptions. Maybe you can impress them enough with your hand puppet tomfoolery! 

One last thing, don't let being scared of the unknown and especially of what is happening in the world right now stop you from following your dreams. Take the plunge and I promise you won't regret it.. 

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