5 Online ESL Jobs for Teaching Students in Groups

5 Online ESL Jobs for Teaching Students in Groups

Below you will find a list of online teaching companies. However, each have their own hiring requirements and hiring demand fluctuates.

To filter the companies to find ones with high demand for teachers matching your specifications, use DigiNo JobMatch below:

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If you prefer an online teaching experience with more similarity to a teaching in a physical classroom, then educating a group of online students could be the role for you. Below you will find 5 online teaching positions for teaching groups, rather than tutoring 1-on-1.

1. SayABC

Teach groups of four students through SayABC's platform. The national geographic material in the courseware will help to keep the class flowing and there is also the options to mute speakers and mouse control of students if things start to get disorderly in the group dynamic.


Pay: $13 – $19 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree: Required
SayABC Overview


2. Qkids

Qkids is often reviewed as being a relatively stress-free company to teach for, however they have a VIPKID-esque hiring policy of American and Canadian teachers.


Pay: $16 – $20 per hour
Certificate: Preferred
Degree: Required
Qkids Overview


3. Whales English

Formerly Sprout4Future, Whales English rewards teachers that teach students in groups with one of the higher hourly rates in the online ESL space. You teach students in groups of 2.

Whales English are hiring once again so apply below if you are keen to start teaching:

Whales English

Pay: $18 – $27 per hour
Whales English Overview

whales english

4. Star Teacher (First Future)

‘Star Teacher' is a brand new program from First Future.

There are two major differences, from the regular First Future structure:

  1. You will teach students in groups of three or four, as opposed to one-on-one.
  2. The position is open to non-native English speakers.

What makes this role stand-out from other non-native roles, is that the salary is much higher! You can view all the information in the feature grid below…

Star Teacher (First Future)

Pay: $18+ per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree Required: Bachelor's
Read more

star teacher

5. Magic Ears

Magic Ears' learning platform has built-in videos, games and songs so is sure to be very handy when it comes to keeping a group of four students engaged.

However, they also only hire those with accents befitting of North Americans and Canadians.

Magic Ears

Pay: $12 – $26 per hour
Magic Ears Overview

magic ears

If teaching a young group of students seems a little daunting, many teachers prefer a more conversational English approach by tutoring adults online. You can check out a list of jobs in this category below:


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