How to Balance Teaching at DaDa While Being Pregnant

How to Balance Teaching at DaDa While Being Pregnant

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Most people just love the idea of working at home. I of course, am one of those people. Working at home with DaDa gives the flexibility, and great hours, and being able to have the comfort of teaching in your home office (or other spaces for you digital nomads!)

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But what happens when your teaching circumstances becomes er- less than ideal?

What am I talking about? Trying to teach when pregnant. 

Granted, working online is much easier than working a physical 9-5, however, there are still many challenges that present themselves when pregnant.

What kind of challenges?

How about the constant peeing, the backaches, and the endless fatigue? Sounds like you? Here are some tips to balance teaching with pregnancy symptoms!

How to Survive Teaching while Pregnant

Many many teachers, even ones who aren’t pregnant suggest this but try and limit your caffeine. You are supposed to do this anyway. Now, I would probably die without my morning coffee. So if you can’t wait until after teaching, if possible, try waking up a little bit earlier to feed your morning joe needs! It’s shown that caffeine really affects your bladder! So this can cut down on trying to pee within the 2 minute breaks.

With that in mind, just try to cut down on all liquids. I have a small glass of water because teaching for hours at a time gets tiresome on the throat, but I just take sips as needed, instead of gulping down the water.

If you NEED to hit the bathroom within those two minutes, use teacher Jason’s hack on never being late for class! Use your ManyCam to put up a background while you run so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally running a little bit over your 2 minutes.

teaching whilst pregnant

Either use pillows behind your back, or consider investing in a back support for your chair. It’s important to have good posture and something comfy behind you, because sitting for hours at a time is killer on your back.

A good recommended pillow for absurd comfort is a Japanese buckwheat pillow, which you can find below:

Teaching whilst pregnant


Keep a heating pad on hand! Mine is always plugged in right beside me so I can reach and throw it behind my back if it gets too bad!

Feel free to use games that get YOU moving to help stretch!! If my back is getting stiff, for a “warm up” or “cool down,” I get my students to stretch and touch the sky, then reach in front of them and touch the computer and stretch to touch their feet. This helps me to stretch the muscles in my back, while giving them a chance to get prepared to start learning. There are also many games that you can try that can get them and you moving a little bit, which can help dramatically!

Try Jason's ManyCam Simon Says game below:

Teaching whilst pregnant

For my DaDa uniform shirt, I made sure to buy one with a wicking material. For the summer heat and humidity, this helps so much. Being big is hard in the summer! I also got a small fan that attaches to my phone that I can stand up next to me if I need to cool off, since we don’t have AC.

For those with morning sickness, keep a steady supply of whatever you can keep down. I like to use acupressure anti nausea bracelets that help a great deal! You can find an example of one below on Amazon:Teaching whilst pregnant

Try not to eat if you get sick, and try to have peppermint tea, or anything good on the stomach nearby in case you start feeling ill when in class. The best thing about dada is that they are SO understanding when it comes to this kind of thing, on the occasion that you are too sick to finish class.

These are just a few suggestions I found helpful to survive 6 months of being pregnant so far.

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What have you found effective? Comment below!

Or you can check the essential tools for online English teachers below (whether pregnant or not!)

Teaching whilst pregnant

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