Get TESOL Certified with DaDaABC

Get TESOL Certified with DaDaABC


Teaching English is great. We are so blessed to naturally master a highly coveted skill…speaking the English language!

So why not make the most of it! And use it to teach abroad and earn money whilst living all over the world!

Of course, you can do this teaching English online with DaDaABC…but teaching for the company means you can also expand your horizons with a TESOL certification!

This will allow you to teach in classrooms, as well as teach from your laptop with DaDaABC.

Did somebody say ‘Double money'?!

Yes please!

Get TEFL Certified without DaDa

What is TESOL?

Before you can begin teaching abroad, you initially must earn your Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification…(you can see why they abbreviated it!)

This qualifies you to embark upon a journey teaching English all over the world!

Click the image below to read about the requirements to teach for DaDaABC:


What's the difference between TESOL and TEFL?

In a nutshell, technically TESOL is for teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) to students in an English-speaking country. Whereas, TEFL is technically for the teaching of ESL in a non-English speaking country.

Despite of this difference, most employers will view the certifications as equivalents.

Once you become TESOL certified, you will then have gained eligibility to teach ESL all over the world!

Tesol and DaDaABC

This can range from primary school students, to fully-grown business professionals looking for tuition. It certainly is an in-demand skill to possess a fluency in English.

(I'll keep that in mind the next time my Bristolian accent tries to creep back out!)

‘So this all sounds great…but how do I get certified?'

Good question.

You can get your TESOL training both in-class and online.

And it normally takes roughly around 120 hours of training to receive your certification.

Luckily, if you work for DaDaABC, there is the opportunity to do it through the company!

Click the image below to apply to become a DaDaABC teacher to take advantage of this benefit:

Apply to DaDa – Become an Online English Teacher



How Can I Get TESOL Certified Through DaDaABC?

Once you have been a DaDaABC teacher for 1 year, you will then be eligible to take the TESOL course and certification.

You'll need to…

  • Contact your co-ordinator expressing your interest
  • Provide evidence of your diploma/degree
  • A copy of your passport
  • And an up-to-date CV

So basically, you can study TESOL with DaDaABC for absolutely free!

After you achieve the TESOL certification, you will need to renew your contract for another year with DaDaABC, otherwise 2000RMB (roughly $318) will be taken from your pay for the cost of the course.

Final thoughts…

So there you go! You have even more opportunity to teach all across the world.

But let's not forget that travelling the world whilst teaching for DaDaABC is just as viable an option!

Click the image below to find out the best way:



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