Timepop – How I Use the App to Share Future Goals

Timepop – How I Use the App to Share Future Goals

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I've been using a new future-sharing social media app called Timepop…and it got me thinking about the past.

When I graduated from University, I spent 6 months unemployed.

I realised very quickly that my degree subject of English and Creative Writing hadn't given me a lot of actionable skills for the working world.

I then spent the next 6 months of my life playing catch-up.

I started my own make-shift education programme. I would scan through job applications and check the skills they were looking for…then I would read book summaries on Blinkist and get to work mastering it.

Goal Setting

I set the goal of learning as much as I could about everything and making myself as employable as possible.

And honestly…it was a mental overload cramming so much. In hindsight, I wish I started that process from my very first day of university.

But let's not dwell on the past…let's think about the future!

Let's talk about how Timepop could have changed all of that for the better.

Why Timepop is Essential for New University Students

The thing that I didn't realise about university is…it is primarily an independent learning experience. You get out of it what you put into it…and no one is going to hold your hand to succeed.

That's why I believe having Timepop to set goals and share them with my friends at university, would have encouraged me to have achieve so much more!

Instead of students spending all their time on Facebook, focusing on the past, they can now map out their future…whilst still being social!

How To Use Timepop

Timepop is currently only available on the US App store, but it will soon release to more regions.

Let me break it down:
  1. On Timepop, you post goals and plans for the future
  2. Then post your journey to that goal 
  3. Then you achieve the goal.
It's a healthy loop!
Instead of scrolling down into the past, you scroll up into the future.
And look to what will happen vs looking back at what already happened.
Sort of like a reverse Facebook timeline.
You stay focused, motivate and look forward to your future goals and plans for yourself and with your friends.

I post my future goals, such as ‘By this date I want to have this many YouTube subscribers'. By announcing it to the world, it makes me more motivated to achieve it.

It becomes a sort-of accountability group for achieving your goals.


A story about how Timepop worked for me

I posted a goal about how I was going to film a YouTube video around Chiang Mai the next day.

When the next day rolled around, I was super busy and I really didn't have the time to do it.

But then the notification popped up that today was the day. I checked the app and friends and people I didn't know had liked and commented on my goal.

I knew what had to be done. I went out, and I filmed it! This one here:

I never would have got that done without Timepop and the urgency I felt about not achieving a goal that I had publicly announced.

So if you and your friends want to get started on setting goals…and achieving them! Then you can download Timepop for iOS by clicking the button below:

Download Timepop!


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