Toco Toucan? (How TinyPNG Taught Me The Importance of Mascot Branding)

Toco Toucan? (How TinyPNG Taught Me The Importance of Mascot Branding)

The Toco Toucan bird is plastered all over DigiNo as the mascot.

Why? A few reasons.

It all comes down one humble evening when I was searching for the best compressor plugin to compress image sizes for my website.

Why do this? On a website a lot of large image files can weigh down on the website experience, which is bad for SEO, as well as for the readers.

So you have an image that is 1mb or over, you really want to compress the image to 100kb online, or even 20kb if you can. Every little helps!

Why am I talking about online picture compressors? Stay with me. It's for a reason.

So I already had an image compressor that I used before – and it was great for PNG file types…but I couldn't remember the name. However, I did remember one thing about it…

…so instead of typing into Google – “compress png”, “shrink png”, or “compress image size”, I typed…

“Panda PNG”

Why? Because I remembered the mascot of the PNG file reducer was a panda.

I compressed this image from 2 MB to 945 KB (which is still quite large, but I like the picture).

And low and behold, that search term allowed me to instantly find my go-to image compression website. Which taught me a valuable lesson in branding…

Importance of Mascot Marketing or Mascot Branding for Companies

I have no idea if TinyPNG is the best online image compressor website or plugin…but because it has a panda as a mascot, I remembered it and was drawn to it…because pandas are great.

And that is the importance of mascot branding…people are more likely to remember an animal, rather than the URL of a JPG or PNG image compressor.

So this is when I decided I needed mascot branding for my website. A website that was all about online teaching. So I took a closer look at the mascot marketing of the companies DigiNo is partnered with…

Logo Concepts of Online Teaching Companies

Even online teaching companies are in the game of mascot marketing. Let's look at some logo concepts of their mascots:

DaDa – VIPKID – Cambly – Qkids – PalFish – Magic Ears


Click to read more!


Click to read more!


Click to read more!


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Click to read more!

Magic Ears

Click to read more!

It's clear to see that the animal is always a popular choice when it comes to a mascot. Memorable, cute and very marketable to kids, as well as adults.

Everyone loves animals.

So I wanted an animal mascot for my brand too.

So Why a Toco Toucan and not, say, I dunno…a Kangaroo Mascot?

Good question. So to explain the thought process, let's look at some Toco Toucan facts…

Toco Toucan Facts and Habitat

  • They spend a lot of time in trees and nest in the hollow of them
  • They are not that good at flying
  • So toucans travel from tree to tree by hopping
  • When they do bother to fly, they only travel short distances by gliding and flapping their wings like maniacs

After learning this information from – – I made the connection that as an online teacher, I also spend a lot of time in my tree (apartment) due to working online at home.

An online teacher also has a lot of flexibility to travel, so hops from tree to tree. Sold!

And plus, I discovered that “DigiNo Toucan” rhymed with…

“Did you know, you can!”

And so I did…

Hey-Presto! – DigiNo Toucan was born…

Toucan Puppets

I decided I would go all-in on my brand's toco toucan adaptation and get a toucan puppet for teaching my online classes too!

toco toucan
Me teaching online with my toucan puppet.

Click to see on Amazon

Final thoughts on the importance of mascot branding?

So to sum up, online teaching platforms, image compressors, a digital resource blog…regardless of business type, you always want people to remember your brand and to return again.

A mascot is easy to remember (especially an animal) and gives people that little extra keyword to type in to narrow down their Google searches.

Make your own mascot

If you're looking for a mascot creator or want to get inspiration from logo concepts, then simply use the method I use to design all the creative imagery for DigiNo…

See my tutorial on designing posters and logos…

See my tutorial on designing posters and logos...

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