22 Top Tools for Traveling Online Teachers

22 Top Tools for Traveling Online Teachers

 As a traveling online teacher, there are many tools that can make your experience more convenient. Here are the top 22 tools that we believe every traveling online teacher should have on their packing list.


1) Dual sim adaptorTools for Travelling Teachers

When you buy a new sim card abroad, it could be frustrating not being able to access your old sim card. With a dual sim adaptor, you are able to actively use two sim cards and save the cost of buying a second phone and take advantage of two different mobile plans as required.

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2) Osprey Farpoint 40 Travel BackpackTools for Travelling Teachers

Having a lightweight backpack that is capable of carrying as much carry-on items as you usually travel with is essential to a traveling teacher. With comfortable sleeves for a laptop and tablet, the Farpoint 40 travel Backpack can handle everything you throw into it!

It also fits into most airplane carry-on compartments and provides adequate protection to your belongings.

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Read more about the Osprey Farpoint 40 below:

Tools for travelling teachers


3) TransferWise Borderless Account


Controlling your finances is important when you travel abroad. This account allows you to get convenient access to your funds from more than 30 countries globally. You can get paid in any continent and spend via a debit card in any local currency, no matter where you are.

Read more about how to set up your borderless account and how to use it to get paid by your online teaching company by clicking the image below:

Tools for travelling teachers

Or alternatively, set up your borderless account by clicking the button below:

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4) ManyCam

Creating quality broadcasts from your computer has never been easier with ManyCam. The software allows you to record your screen, shoot in great resolution and apply fun effects and filters. You are able to help you students better experience their online classes through the webcam software!

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Check out the ManyCam Beginner's Guide below:

Tools for Travelling Teachers

5) Xero Shoes

Tools for Travelling Teachers

These are some of the most comfortable shoes that a traveling teacher can pack. Made to be fit as naturally as possible, comfortable and long-lasting, the Xero Shoes are suitable for any activity you may engage in when abroad.

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See more:

5 Best Shoes for Teachers (A Varied List of Unique Teacher Shoes)


6) Travel towel

Tools for travelling teachers

Travel towels are great because they are compact, super absorbent and dry much faster than regular towels. They fit comfortable into a traveling online teacher’s luggage and are easy to wash and maintain.

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7) Travel insurance


Protection from flight cancellations, lost baggage, accidents and emergencies are some of the benefits of having travel insurance when you travel. Some travel insurance companies also assist with emergency cash if you ever get stranded abroad.

You can read about other examples of coverage on the page below:

World Nomads – Travel Insurance

8) AirPods


Tools for Travelling Teachers

Whether for music, teaching online classes or just making phone calls, AirPods are the most convenient, wireless earphones a travelling online teacher can ask for. The compact size, long lasting battery life and compatibility with most Bluetooth devices also makes it a favourite tool.

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Or read more about using AirPods for teaching English online by clicking the image below:

Tools for Travelling Teachers

9) Battery pack case


Tools for Travelling Teachers

Never run out of power with a battery pack case. These come handy to keep your mobile devices running during long flights and transits to rural areas. Once they are charged to capacity, battery pack cases can last up to a full day and keep you online in cases of emergencies or power outages.

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10) MacBook Air

Tools for Travelling Teachers

MacBook Airs provide premium computing power and excellent battery life that any travelling online teacher can depend on. Enjoy fast booting and up to 12 hours of work without needing to charge it. It is excellent for high quality video streams and document processing.

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Or also check out some of the other best laptops for online teachers by clicking the image below:

Tools for Travelling Teachers

11) Superdry Orange Label Hoodie


Tools for Travelling Teachers

An excellent quality hoodie that is easily washed, resilient and comfortable during travelling or long commutes, this Hoodie line is popular with online teachers as a source of comfort…

…well it's popular with me, as it seems to be the comfiest hoodie I could find that has a hood that actually looks like a hood and not a flimsy cloth. Just a great outer layer for travels (I pack light so only really take one outer layer).

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12) AirBnB App

Use the AirBnB app on your phone and always find great places to stay on the move. This is the best way to find a quiet space to teach online as a travelling teacher.

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13) Point and shoot camera


Tools for travelling teachers

Cameras are useful to capture important moments during your travels. Popular brands such as Canon and Nikon carry enough charge to last through days of travelling. Point and shoot cameras are nice to have because they don’t require any complicated settings and can take pictures that can be used for teaching aids and lecture notes.

Check prices of the one I use!

14) Ukulele

Tools for Travelling Teachers

If you are looking for an easy musical instrument that you can travel with and learn on the go, then the Ukulele is an excellent choice. It is an important learning tool to accompany rhymes and musical lessons.

Here's the ukulele brand I use!

And check out how I use my ukulele in the online classroom:

Tools for Travelling Online Teachers

15) Blue t-shirt uniform

Tools for Travelling Teachers

You can pack a nice blue t-shirt uniform to stay comfortable in humid conditions and still maintain a great look for video streams. T-shirts are also easy to pack and wash while travelling.

Check out the DigiNo Shop to find a t-shirt for your next class:

Tools for Travelling Teachers

16) Chilly's Bottle

Tools for Travelling Teachers

Carry liquids whether hot or cold conveniently with the Chilly's bottle which help retain temperature for as long as a full day for cold items. The Chilly's bottle is also designed to be leak-proof, airtight and durable. This bottle is light and perfect for long hikes, teaching sessions and do not cause water rings

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17) Teaching Background


Every travelling online teach needs to have a teaching background that will serve as a backdrop when streaming online or shooting video lessons. A flexible teaching background is easy to pack and can transform any location to a camera-ready studio for professional-looking online classes.

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Check out how I made my background below:

Tools for Travelling Teachers

18) Fingertip toothbrushTools for Travelling Teachers

Maintain your dental hygiene without increasing your luggage with a fingertip toothbrush. These brushes are easy to use, comfortable, durable and easy to clean before storing. The case can also contain a small tube of toothpaste to allow you travel conveniently and light as the job requires.

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19) Kindle PaperwhiteTools for Travelling Teachers

Reading on the go whether recreationally or preparing for a class is fun with the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader. It’s got one of the highest resolutions for an e-reader display and does not have any glare in the sunlight. You can also hold it in one hand and not worry about charging it for months.

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21) Revolut

Tools for Travelling Teachers

Revolut offers everyday banking globally without having to worry about fees or money transfer restrictions. You also receive instant notifications when you send or receive payments. Revolut also provides a debit card that you can use anywhere globally at local exchange rates.

You can get grab your free Revolut card by following these steps:

Steps to claim free card

  1. Click this link
  2. Insert mobile number
  3. Follow text message URL to download Revolut on the Google Play or Apple App Stores via the link
  4. Open an account (takes 30 seconds)
  5. Top up £10/€10
  6. Select and order Free Card [Standard Delivery]
  7. Verify your identity (Tap more -> Profile -> Verify identity)

This means your Revolut card will be ready to use as soon as you've got it.

*This process currently only works for those who do not have Revolut currently.

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22) Portable air conditioner

Tools for Travelling Teachers

Portable air conditioners can fit your bag and provide comfort when visiting humid areas. They also come handy during bus rides and accommodations that do not have adequate ventilation.

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If these travel tools aren't enough for you, then check out our article on high-end travel gadgets perfect for trekking online teachers:

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