TransferWise and SayABC – To Receive Your SayABC Pay With Lower Fees

TransferWise and SayABC – To Receive Your SayABC Pay With Lower Fees

I have recently been receiving SayABC referral bonuses through TransferWise, so I've decided to rework my previous article that was catered towards DaDa.

(DigiNo is not responsible for any wrong details that you give within the process detailed below and everything is at your own risk ).

Why Use TransferWise to receive your SayABC Pay?

Because it's a much cheaper way for those outside of the US. It's away to avoid high bank fees for conversions when receiving money from China. Here is my DaDa – TransferWise video for a full explanation on fees and how to get set up:

Just imagine that I'm saying ‘SayABC' instead of ‘DaDa' and the fundamentals are the same:

Get Your TransferWise Account Here


Does TransferWise Actually Work?

Yes. No need to worry.

Here's an image from my TransferWise account receiving DaDa online teaching pay…

Got paid using TransferWise! (1)


And here is me with my TransferWise debit card which you'll get when you set up a borderless account here.


SayABC Transferwise


So How Do I Set Up TransferWise for SayABC?

Simply click here to go to the website and follow the instructions to create an account. Once this is set up, you want to open an account in USD (I say USD as this is what I use). GBP is also an option but I've never tested it so I don't promote it.

Now you need to send your new account information to SayABC 

What is the information I should give to SayABC?

Once you have created your TransferWise account, you want to click on the ‘Balances' tab on the left and then click to activate your TransferWise Borderless account.

You should then see this information with your name and numbers in it – it is blank here as I have removed them for the sake of privacy.

Sayabc and TransferWise

TransferWise use a local US bank called Community Federal Savings Bank (CFSB).  

So these are the details that you will be sending to SayABC for a USD borderless account. 

Preferred Currency: USD

Bank Name: Community Federal Savings Bank

Bank Address: TransferWise

19 W 24th Street

New York


United States of America

Receiver Name:  TransferWise FBO Your Name (New update – putting “TransferWise FBO” before your name is essential)

Account Number: 123456789 (Your Account Number)

Bank Holder Address:  (Your home address that you gave to TransferWise)

ACH/ABA Routing Number: Number

*If anyone has had experience with receiving their pay in GBP, please let me know in the comments and I'll update the article!

Example of TransferWise Saving Potential

So let's say your SayABC pay is $1500 USD. Here is what you get when receiving it on TransferWise and converting it to GBP:

sayabc and TransferWise

If these figures look better than what you currently receive, then click the image below to create a TransferWise account:


SayAbc and transferwise


And here is an additional guide to managing your TransferWise Card and Borderless Account to get the most out of it:

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