DaDa: A Twenty-Something-Globetrotter’s Overall Impression

DaDa: A Twenty-Something-Globetrotter’s Overall Impression

DaDa(ABC) is one of China’s leading online teaching platform! Need some more information? Keep reading and I will tell you what it’s all about!

A Brief Introduction 

My name is Niki, a starry-eyed, twenty-something-year-old from Cork, Ireland with insatiable wanderlust and passion for adventures.

I've been living abroad since 2015 and have been teaching EFL for about 4 years in different institutions across Europe and Asia. Recently, after having moved to Cambodia, I've turned to online teaching and have been working for the platform DaDa for some extra income. Read on to see a brief account of some of my Advantages, Disadvantages and Overall Impression of DaDa.  

Some Background to DaDa  


(Chinese Company)
Pay: $14 – $25 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree: Required
DaDa Overview

Now most of us already know the usual perks of online teaching like getting to work from home and avoiding the daily commute. Therefore,  I have compiled a list of pros and cons specifically for this platform, based on my experience with them thus far.

Advantages of DaDaABC

The Induction Training

Before you begin teaching on the platform you have an induction training which is a blend of pre-recorded in-class videos, slides of information and quizzes. DaDaABC’s training is very informative and fully prepares you for teaching on the platform.

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Comprehensive Material

The material is very colourful, comprehensive and adaptable which cuts down a lot on planning time. This is very handy for a busy teacher like myself with a very full schedule who is teaching online for an extra bit of cash on the side.

The Platform and Classroom Tools

The platform and class tools are very easy to use. The teacher platform is clearly laid out which makes it very easy to keep track of things; e.g. your monthly pay, student progress, schedule, etc. The class materials are interactive and the tools help make an interesting and fun experience for both students and teachers.

Base Pay and Bonuses

The base pay is quite good in comparison to a lot of other platforms out there and it is very easy to get the on-time ($1) and regular student/substitute bonuses (30% of Base Pay) which result in an elevated pay rate. Also, you are eligible for a pay rise every 6 months based on your performance on the platform which is very nice!

No Minimum Hours

Unlike a lot of the other online teaching platforms out there, DaDaABC does not require you to sign up for a minimum number of hours per week (although you are encouraged to sign up for a minimum of 4 hours per week; of two non consecutive days a week, teaching two hours per day).

This is very handy, especially when you have an ever-transient living context like myself. On DaDa you can pick as many hours as you like during their peak hours (18:00 – 21:00 Beijing Time) and choose between committing to fixed hour slots and part-time slots. You can also request short time leave 24 hours ahead of time and extended long term leave 15 days ahead of time. This allows for a lot of flexibility, especially for travelling.

They Source Your Students

DaDa sources and assigns students to you, so there is no need to market yourself! I spent a good time sifting through different companies; a lot of them require you to promote yourself on the site’s platform and compete with other teachers for students.

Dada ABC does all the work for you and, from the get-go, I’ve had a near full schedule during my available hours.

Very Respondent Support Team

If you have any technical mishaps with the platform during class time, they have staff at hand who can help you instantaneously via direct message. The team are very patient and helpful and have got me out of a pickle or two in the past!

Disadvantages of DaDaABC

Apparent Lack of Student Induction on the Platform

I'm not sure if DaDa gives the students an induction but I've sometimes found that students have no idea how to use the simple platform tools.

This is fine when it's a demo student but a tad frustrating when it's an established younger student who has a weaker level. It can take a while for students to get the hang of the tools and can be difficult for the teacher to try and communicate how to use them.

Last Minute Class Additions

Classes can be added to your available time slot at the last minute which means you might have to prepare a class with just a few minutes notice. Generally, this is not a major problem, but if you want to incorporate props it can be hard to scrounge them up in such short notice.

Last Minute Class Cancellations

Classes can be added last minute and students can also cancel with very little notice. I’ve had students cancel up to 5 minutes before the class is set to begin which can be quite frustrating.

Luckily, DaDa offers a cancellation subsidy of 30% if the student cancels with less than 24 hours notice before the class is scheduled to start. No shows are also considered cancellations so, despite waiting for them to enter the classroom for the allotted time, you just get paid the 30%. This seems to be more common with students doing a trial for the first time and doesn’t happen very often.

Overall Impression

While not perfect, DaDa is a very good online teaching platform and it’s easy to see why it’s one of China’s most popular ones. It is flexible, remunerates well, provides the material to cut down on planning time and has a great service team to boot. 

If you are interested in becoming a teacher with DaDa then click the link below!

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