Ukulele Improv for Teaching English Online with DaDaABC

Ukulele Improv for Teaching English Online with DaDaABC

Ukulele improv is a fantastic skill for teaching English online…and it's so easy to do!

Being able to play music and sing like my life depended on it was one of the main appeals of becoming an online teacher with DaDaABC.

I always dreamed of being a professional ukulele player…and now I am!…kind of.

ukulele improv

But when you are starting out learning ukulele, you don't want to overload yourself with too many chords and songs. So here is a method I came up with to make your musical life with DaDaABC as easy as possible!

So what is the ukulele improv method for teaching English online?

You start by of course getting yourself a ukulele. So check out the DigiNo shop for a good one to start with.

Then you'll want to learn three chords – C F G.

You'll play these four chords in the sequence – C F G C.

Here is a video where I show you exactly how to do all of this:

90% of the time, this is what I play on the ukulele…

…and I've never had any complaints from the students saying, ‘You're playing the same chord sequence over and over!'

So no need to worry!

So with ukulele improv, say the student is reading the courseware and they aren't engaged with it…

…You can bring out the ukulele!

Let's say you are doing something like grammar. You are explaining verbs etc. You can make up a little song instead of explaining it the regular way:

A verb is a doing word,

An adjective describes the noun,

An adverb describes the verb,

We're quickly walking through a busy town.

(See the video at the top for a demonstration of this).

So you see, I described what each one is and then finished with a sentence using each one as an example.

Or if you don't think you could think of something like this on the spot, then simply play the ukulele and sing the sentences.

Or every time you see a  poem on the courseware, you can sing it whilst playing the ukulele!

Make sure to use lots of TPR to encourage the students to sing along.

Click the image below to read more about using TPR effectively for DaDaABC:

ukulele improv

It's all about making it a bit of fun and snapping the student out of their disengagement with the courseware.

I also like to combine ukulele improv with  ManyCam for more fun!


Ukulele improv | DigiNo

For example, you can use ManyCam to put on face mask such as a cat and then sing about being a cat as I do in the top video:

I like fish,

I like milk,

I like mice,

I don't like dogs.

As you see, you can sing any old thing! If it's English related, then you are doing your job!

There are loads of possibilities with ManyCam effects. You can sing about fruit, animals, or even being an astronaut!

Check out all the free downloadable effects for ManyCam right here.

If you wish to discover more songs to play on the ukulele to your DaDaABC online students, then click the image below:

Ukulele improv


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