VIPKID Pay and Earnings – (Nancy Taylor Year 1,2 & 3) How Much Money Do You Make With VIPKID?

VIPKID Pay and Earnings –  (Nancy Taylor Year 1,2 & 3) How Much Money Do You Make With VIPKID?

Your base pay will be $7-$9, and this is for each 30 minute class you teach.

You'll be teaching for 25 – 28 minutes, and then the ‘feedback' portion of the lesson stretches it out to 30 minutes.

This half an hour period is what earns you your base pay, and is based off of two things:

Your Interview

How you perform in your demonstration class goes a long way to determining whether you get the job.

The video below will give you all the tips you need to pass your interview first time:

Your Experience

You have a head start if you have a degree in education, or if you have a lot of relevant teaching experience.

Those things carry over, because they fill out a rubric which determines how much you will earn.

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Let's talk about bonuses…

Remember that your base pay comes to $8 – but you also get a bonus per class.

Each bonus amounts to $1.

This is $1 per class, meaning $1 per 30 minutes (assuming you are there on-time).

It's also worth keeping in mind that you're eligible for another $1 bonus is you teach at least 45 classes.

After your first month or two you will always earn the two dollar bonus, as long as you're teaching 45 classes a month.

That's not hard to do once you have your name out there and you have students that are booking you consistently.

So let's say your base pay is $8, plus the $1 bonus from taking the class, plus an extra $1 from having taught 45 classes in the month – this brings you to $10 per 30 minute class, which is equivalent to $20 an hour.

Let's break it down

Your base pay is eight dollars ($8).

You've taught 45 classes – so, +$45.

You were there on time for all 45 classes – +$45.

$8 times your first $45 (8×45) = 360

+90 from your second 45s, is 450.

If you teach 45 classes a month, and are always on time, you have the potential to earn $450 in that month.

You can usually expect between $14-$22 per hour.

With no bonuses you might expect to be paid at minimum $14 an hour on only a $7 base pay, capping at $22 an hour.

If you wanted to be a ‘Mentor' then you might expect to be paid $24 per hour at the time of writing, subject to change.

Nancy Taylor's Personal Experience

In the linked video, Nancy gives us some numbers to help us better understand what we'd be paid.

Nancy began teaching in the February of 2016, and taught 11 classes. This means she earned $100 that month.

This meant that Nancy was disappointed. Like many of you, she began to wonder if she could actually support herself through online teaching.

In her second month, however, she applied herself and taught 63 classes.

She credits this success to having created an intro video, following up with a second video, and opening up as many teaching slots as she was capable of sustaining with a five month old baby.

She decided to teach for two hours of the morning, for six days of the week.

For the next ten months Nancy earned between $1000-$2000 by working 18 hours a week.

Her schedule was Monday through Saturday, 4:00am to 7:00am – that's three hours a day for six days.

If Nancy was working on a video for VIP kid or had a referral that went through, it would make her an extra $100 a month.


Pay: $15 – $22 per hour
Certificate: Required
Education: Bachelor's
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Nancy's Second Year Teaching Online

Nancy says that her second year of teaching online was where her hard work really paid off.

Between February 2016 and February 2017, Nancy says she could never have imagined the difference in pay, especially given the number of hours she worked wasn't drastically different.

Nancy says the lowest she earned her first year was $100 month, and the highest she earned that year was $2100.

In the February of her second year she started Mentoring and Recruiting. Recruting is commission-based, earning money with every new teacher you bring into the fold.

Nancy says she was paid $50 per referral through Recruiting, then when she broke into the second tier of Recruiting she got $120 per referral. This meant an extra $120 per month through Recruiting.

I work 20 to 30 hours a week sofrom year one I was working eighteen totwenty hours now you're to 20 to 30 – This second year saw her increase her working hours from 18-20 hours to something much closer to 20-30 hours.

Where did the extra hours come from?

Monday through Thursday she teaches from 4:00am to 7:00am, so that's 3 hours.

Friday and Saturday she mentors, and does so from 4:00am to 8:00am, so that's 8 hours.

4 x 3 = 12 hours total.

When Nancy's husband is home she takes the opportunity to Mentor for a full day. Monday she'll work an extra 6 hours, or if he's home on a Saturday she'll teach an extra 8 hours, etc.

Nancy says Monday and Saturday are the best days for Mentoring, and suggests that you consider Mentoring on those days for guaranteed income.

She spends her other hours coaching people through the application process, particularly if they use her referral code – she'll coach them through Skype, email, phone calls; whichever the student prefers.

Nancy says she loves helping new teachers get through the VIPkid process, considering it particularly rewarding and says good teachers will always be available to help those of you who are struggling to get through the process.

If you want extra income from home, and meet the prerequisite requirements, then Nancy says you should definitely give it a go. She manages to make money even while she's away from the computer, as her referral links constantly generate her income.

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Nancy's Average Pay

Nancy's current average pay from February to June is $3,000, with a current range between $2000 to $4000.

It's Important To Find Balance

Nancy says it's essential to find a balance between what you're prepared to work and what you can work well. You can't over-stretch yourself or your work and home life will suffer.

If you can't provide your students with adequate feedback because you're over-worked then you're failing them.

It's important to find that balance, and, in Nancy's words, ‘not bite off more than you can chew'.

Year 2 – Nancy Taylor's VIPKID Income Report Video

Year 3 – Nancy Taylor's VIPKID Earnings Report Video


Pay: $15 – $22 per hour
Certificate: Required
Education: Bachelor's
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