Wanli UFO Village – Exploring Futuro Houses in Taiwan

Wanli UFO Village – Exploring Futuro Houses in Taiwan

The north coast of Taiwan is home to many natural attractions and places worth visiting. Wanli UFO Village is perfect for those wondering where to plan their next trip around Taiwan. Here you can find more detail regarding this amazing spot!

How to get to Wanli UFO Village

The easiest way to reach the UFO Village from Taipei is to take a bus ride from Taipei city hall to the Green Bay in Wanli.

Once you will arrive it will be easy to spot the first UFO shaped houses down the road.

Are you wondering about the Wanli UFO Village address ?

Here you go : Tingtao Road, Wanli District, New Taipei City. Wanli UFO Village location isn't a mystery anymore, let the journey begin!

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Abandoned UFO Houses

The question is legit at this point, why is there is an abandoned UFO Village along the beach area in Taiwan?

The Finnish architect Matti Suuronen developed this concept during the end of 1960s but unfortunately the production of those prefabricated was shut down in 1973.

Nowadays there are nearly 100 of those houses around the world – the highest concentration is here in this village. Although the concept was innovative in terms of style and material, the production was too expensive.

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Futuro Houses Project

The particularity of those houses as you can see in the video above is the rounding design and the quality of the material used for its construction.

However the project is considered a commercial failure, it still continues to give off the impression of an innovative concept through the classic 1970s retro style.

Futuro Houses Interior

The area called Emerald Bay used to be a very touristic spot during the Taiwanese economic miracle.

Nowadays the complex is abandoned as many other Taiwanese touristic locations built around the island during the 1970-80s.

Walking around the village, however, still remains a very interesting experience and it is possible to get in some of the houses and take a closer look as you will see from the video at the top!

The Wanli UFO village is no doubt a great spot to visit in between your online ESL teaching classes!

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