Top 5 Weird Chinese Food [for Online Teaching Free-Talk]

Top 5 Weird Chinese Food [for Online Teaching Free-Talk]

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If there is one thing the Chinese are known for, it is their unorthodox interest in certain foods. That is why in almost any country you visit, you will find a Chinese restaurant. After exploring so many nations, I have never seen one that can compare to China when it comes to consuming anything that crawls.

When engaging in free-talk with my older online teaching Chinese students, my go-to category is always food. This always so easy to expand upon and get humour out of!

For example, I've had lengthy discussions about how bad durian smells!


So what better way to engage the students than to talk about foods from their culture? These Chinese delicacies may seem odd to us, but instead of asking yourself ‘Why do Chinese eat weird food?', get the opinion of your online ESL students instead!

They can practice their English…and you can learn more about Chinese culture! Winner on both sides!

Like I said, Chinese pride themselves on having a large variety of foods. So before we discuss them with our online students…let's learn about them!

Here are 5 weird Chinese foods that you are sure to find interesting:

1. Preserved Egg (Weird Chinese Food)

Weird Chinese Food

This special egg product was created in China and is also known as ‘Century Egg'.

In the Ming Dynasty. It has a shiny dark grey or black with pattern in the snowflake forms. It has a unique taste, and many hold the belief that preserved eggs can help cure flush the effects of alcohol.

You can get this weird Chinese food in most Chinese restaurants, made with eggs that have been preserved in brine for over 100 days. The most popular ways of eating preserved eggs are with minced pork congee, soup made with preserved eggs, braised preserved eggs served with tofu etc.

If your student doesn't understand what food your are referring to, you can always use ManyCam to show them videos or pictures of the unusual Chinese food.

2. Stinky Tofu (Weird Chinese Food)

Weird Chinese Food

Strong smelling preserved tofu or stinky tofu has a really foul odor with a repulsing appearance. The magic however happens after trying it – you are bound to enjoy the taste. The most common type is the stinky tofu in Changsha; it comes with a crispy skin alongside a fresh and spicy taste.

There are various forms of the stinky tofu. There are the Changsha, Nanjing, and Shaoxing. The ways this stinky tofu is made differ and they smell differently as well. They, however, all have the common attribute of a horrible smell but a pleasant taste. All over China, stinky tofu is a common snack common in large Chinese cities like Beijing, Guilin, Xi’an, Hangzhou, and Shanghai.

3. Chicken Testicles (Weird Chinese Food)

Obviously discussing this may not be appropriate for some students, so use your digression with this one!

Weird Chinese Food

This is one of the most common servings in China. Quite a lot of restaurants offer tasty chicken testicles. The chicken testicles resemble large white beans that have been boiled or fried. Most time, the inside is soft and squishy. Normally, they are served with noodles or rice which is usually on a broth. It is indeed one of the weird Chinese foods to consider if you ever find yourself in China or a Chinese restaurant.

4. Bamboo Rice (Weird Chinese Food)

Weird Chinese Food

This food is delicious and special with a fresh aroma of bamboo. The delicacy is made with rice and pork, which is prepared in a section of fresh green bamboo. It is cooked until the bamboo is seared.

Bamboo rice is a pretty common delicacy in China. It is however prevalent among the Dai and Yao minority people. Thus, if you are visiting the Yao province, Guillin, Taiwan, and Guangzhou, be sure to have a taste of bamboo rice.

5. Snake Soup (Weird Chinese Food)

Weird Chinese Food

This weird Chinese food is considered a gourmet dish; prevalent in Hong Kong. It is also common during winter as it helps warm you up. Usually, there are snake shredding in the soup. Many are of the opinion that it tastes like chicken.

Maybe ask your student if they prefer snake soup or KFC!

If you want to learn more about how to engage your online students in more free-talk, click the image below:

Weird Chinese Food

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